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Anyone been to see the Banksy show yet?

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littlelamb Sun 14-Jun-09 21:28:37

I'm hoping to go next week, but I've never been to the Bristol museum. Is there enough there to keep a five year old amused do you think? We're planning to spend most of the day in Bristol so will have a good few hours to spend there. I can't wait

ILoveBanksy Sun 14-Jun-09 21:30:45

How wierd - I've just posted another thread about the show.

I know people that work at the museum, there is loads for young children to do and the space itself is really exciting.

Hope you enjoy the exhibition, it's amazing

littlelamb Sun 14-Jun-09 21:31:57

Is that a recent namechange wink
I love his work, I was so excited when I saw it on the news yesterday.

PussinJimmyChoos Sun 14-Jun-09 21:32:39

I'm going to see it soon I hope! Love Banksy and yes, the museum is kid friendly - lovely cakes as well grin

littlelamb Sun 14-Jun-09 21:33:20

<<strokes chin and makes note to try several one cake>>

CMOTdibbler Sun 14-Jun-09 21:33:41

I was thinking about going today, but thought it might be a bit busy - so went to the zoo instead. Will def be going though

ILoveBanksy Sun 14-Jun-09 21:34:10

Yes namechange in honour of the exhibition!

Knowing the museum, I was amazed how it has been transformed and most of the staff knew nothing about it until the installation began. Perhaps some of them even met him without knowing!

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sun 14-Jun-09 21:34:26

I'd like to go and see it.

What is there for young children? Some of the humour in his work would be very difficult to explain to a small one, don't you think?

littlelamb Sun 14-Jun-09 21:36:51

I love the idea that he could be standing next to you and you'd never know it. Was it last year he did his show in New York? I'd have loved to see that too, I think most of the pieces are in Bristol now though. We were going to go this Wedensday but we're a bit worreid about how busy it will be, and also one of our friends can't make it. I'm thinking I probably won't mind going twice though, so we may just head down and go again in a few weeks with her

ILoveBanksy Sun 14-Jun-09 21:38:28

There is nothing particulalry for young children in the show but lots to keep them entertained such as the animatronics.

I'm sure it would be fun and different for them to look around and then there are lots of other things around the museum for them to see and do.

ILoveBanksy Sun 14-Jun-09 21:39:11

Also it is free entry

littlelamb Sun 14-Jun-09 21:41:20

Is it a child freindly museum do you think? Will a pushchair be awkward? And are there lots of toilets?

littlelamb Sun 14-Jun-09 21:42:31

And do you think you're allowed to take pictures? I was really impressed that they allowed it in the Saatchi, then we got accosted by security when we went across the river to the Tate blush

LilyBolero Sun 14-Jun-09 21:47:17

I would wait a while before going - it looks hideously busy atm. Queues all up Queens Road. But it's going to be there 12 weeks, so plenty of time.

There's loads to see at BRistol museum, and a good cafe too.

ILoveBanksy Sun 14-Jun-09 21:50:29

The museum is child friendly and pushchairs not a problem as lift access to most areas.

Toilets are Ok, a bit old but fine

Not sure about taking photographs in the show

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