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>>>do you get phone calls from telesales people?<<< i know how to stop it!!

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Tortington Wed 11-May-05 12:35:55

there is a database by a company called tps.
0845 0700707 its an automated response and takes 28 days.

i got 8 phonecalls yesterday with different phone offers - am not even with BT which is always the prerequisite.

dyzzidi Wed 11-May-05 12:39:39

My DP has his own very special way of dealing with these calls he just tells them to F* O**.

I go mad about it though as these people are only trying to make a living your way sounds loads better

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 12:40:55

We're on a list so they shouldn't call and they still do.... even more annoying they're these call centres from India and I can't even understand what they're saying!

Fio2 Wed 11-May-05 12:41:01

I get hello is that Mrs Stone, at least twice a week from some call company in Dubai....I am NOT Mrs Stone btw, how many times have i told them?????

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 12:43:29

Mine seem to be looking for a Mrs Flllewwwfffffpprffffff lol!

babylily Wed 11-May-05 12:44:37

Telephone preference service is pretty good - I signed up online and within about 3 weeks they'd stopped completely. If you tell them you're signed up to tps they have to hang up.
Doesn't help with those bizarre automated american calls though which seem to fill up my answering machine at least once a week,

'Hi, this is Candy, you've won a timeshare in florida, etc ,etc....

lima Wed 11-May-05 12:45:32

you can also do it online here

I don't think they can stop overseas calls though

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 12:47:01

We have the same number as a restaurant except for one digit so get loads of table requests and 'Can I order...'s argh!

Surfermum Wed 11-May-05 12:58:06

What annoys me is that they can only seem to have a conversation from you using prompt cards. And if you say you aren't interested they still carry on trying to persuade you. Depending on my mood I either hang up or say "what part of no don't you understand"?. I do feeling guilty for the latter though as they are only trying to make a living.

bradsmummy Wed 11-May-05 12:59:38

My dad had that fastasleep, but his was same but one number for a pizza place, in the end he got so fed up that he let them order and even asked if they wanted salad etc
I signed up with tps online and found a 90% improvement.

Merlin Wed 11-May-05 12:59:58

TPS is very good, although the odd call can slip through the net sometimes. If the company calling will give you their details you can report them to TPS!!!!, but usually when you mention them they hang up anyway.

dizzydo Wed 11-May-05 13:01:15

My DH always says to them "I am a bit busy at the moment but if you like to give me your home number I'll call you've finished work and are trying to relax.". That usually stops them in their tracks

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 13:02:28

LOL bradsmummy! Poor hungry people

bradsmummy Wed 11-May-05 13:05:02

Lol hes moved now but i bet the pizza place got loads of complaints " wheres my order?"

lemonice Wed 11-May-05 13:07:07

Is it true that you can't use tps for a line used for business now I'm working from home these calls are more annoying because I have to wait patiently until I'm sure it's not a customer or business contact. Though perhaps I should start my sales pitch on the caller and see how keen they are to listen to me when they are trying to work. Unfortunately most of the time I hold my tongue as I also have in mind well they are trying to earn a living.

QueenEagle Wed 11-May-05 13:09:17

Anyone remember Sully from Monsters Inc?? My ds has one of those talking ones which says loads of different phrases when you press a button on his back. Including a scary ROOOAAARR! as well. Whenever we get telesales calls, I hand the phone to ds who holds Sully to the receiver and plays all the different phrases to whoever is on the phone. Once, a guy from India carried on talking to the roaring monster for 5 minutes. It was hilarious - all the kids were rofl!!

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 13:12:43

QE that's brill! I'm going to try our kung fu hamster now! 'I was kung fu fiiiighting...oooh aaahh'

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