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Which anti-fascist organisation should I support?

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Kathyis6incheshigh Sat 13-Jun-09 12:08:53

Basically, I would like to do something to help make sure the BNP don't build on their Euro success. I voted but clearly it was not enough!

However I am dubious about egg-throwing etc - was v satisfying to watch but may be playing into their hands so they can make it look like they're victims, when so much of their pitch this time was about encouraging white people to adopt a victim identity.

Does anyone know about the various anti-fascist organisations and which would be the best one to donate to/join?


southeastastra Sat 13-Jun-09 12:10:51

my nephew always wears an anti nazi league badge. they're still the main ones i think of.

policywonk Sat 13-Jun-09 12:12:56

Searchlight is the daddy (or should that be mammy?) in this field, I think - decades of very careful research.

Kathyis6incheshigh Sat 13-Jun-09 12:13:34

Thanks SEA. Do they support egg-throwing?

Kathyis6incheshigh Sat 13-Jun-09 12:22:45

I like Searchlight and what they do - leaking the BNP style guide which explicitly exposed what they think about 'racial foreigners' was a great piece of action.
As far as I can see from the site all I can do is subscribe, rather than donate, but I imagine once I started subscribing it would become clearer what else I could do?

posieparker Sat 13-Jun-09 12:23:52


Kathyis6incheshigh Sat 13-Jun-09 12:25:28

Not the Respect party with George Galloway in? shock

posieparker Sat 13-Jun-09 12:28:50

Yes, although he was a little idiotic on CBB I think he stands for what he believes and is a great asset to British politcs.

policywonk Sat 13-Jun-09 13:04:09

I dunno Kathy - I suppose subscriptions are pretty useful to them as a reliable source of funds. As you say, their website isn't terribly helpful! I thought there might be an 'aims and values' page, but nothing like that as far as I can see. Maybe email them and ask?

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