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Where would I get a lot of plain white kid's t-shirts?

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Mud Wed 11-May-05 11:04:11

Am looking for about 30 or 40 plain white kids all cotton kids t-shirts - ages 4 - 7

does anyone know where would I go to get those?

Mud Wed 11-May-05 11:04:32

where are my manners?


and thank you

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 11-May-05 11:04:47

My what a big family you have

Cadbury Wed 11-May-05 11:05:31

tescos for about a pound each, maybe £1.50.
You're welcome

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 11-May-05 11:06:14


Mud Wed 11-May-05 11:06:21

I am very fertile?

anywhere else (no big tesco nearby)

Cadbury Wed 11-May-05 11:10:16

yeah, i just remembered that wilkos are selling plain tee shirts for £1.99 and its buy one get one free.

Mud Wed 11-May-05 11:13:54

what's wilko's?

anywhere online


Newbarnsleygirl Wed 11-May-05 11:16:06

Wilkinsons sell everything at cheap prices.

Have you tried E-bay?

lemonice Wed 11-May-05 11:20:47

You could try posting on this site promotionalproducts , I've used it

pixel Wed 11-May-05 11:44:33

Try GTV sports on 01428686800. My dh buys t-shirts from them. He's not sure of exact prices but reckons you'll get them for about £1 each.

swiperfox Wed 11-May-05 11:47:42

Lol i thought this was my thread - I posted exactly the same thing a few days ago I reckon tesco's is the best bet - i've just tie dyed one for dd and it's really good quality - was only £1 as well

swiperfox Wed 11-May-05 11:48:44

oops just seen you've got no big tesco!
I think you can get them wholesale on ebay

Mosschops30 Wed 11-May-05 11:49:25

Message withdrawn

Mud Wed 11-May-05 16:02:03

thanks have made a bid on ebay and got quotes out at that promotional site

lemonice Wed 11-May-05 16:04:42

Hope you get what you want the promotional site is fun lots of enthusiastic people ringing with offers.

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