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If you was to do an Open University course, what would you do?

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juicychops Wed 11-May-05 10:48:09

I think i would do Psychology. Probably will in a couple of years

ElliesMad Wed 11-May-05 11:16:29

I've done six and would highly recommend it. All of mine have been history courses.

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 11:18:11

Me too on the psychology one, or maybe a social work type thing..

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 11-May-05 23:36:47

I have been studying with the OU for three years and am on my second psychology unit and would recommend them. They are hard work, often involving doing work at the crack of dawn before the kids wake up and then working into the early hours when they have gone to bed. But it is worth it, it has done wonders for my confidence, opened a new career for me when dd starts school and enabled me to mantain part of my pre motherhood idnetity and keep my mind active while being a SAHM.

MarsLady Wed 11-May-05 23:44:12

Literature. I love literature. Started the OU degree but DD2 came along and I couldn't continue. No concentration then no time. Will try again next year when the DTs start going to playgroup.

fatmomma Wed 11-May-05 23:49:39

Studying Geoscinces at the minute (and should be staring down a microscope instead of at mn). Really enjoy it, especially the summer schools where you get a real taste of student life.

Thouroughly recommned it.

kama Thu 12-May-05 00:34:20

Message withdrawn

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