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How many pairs of shoes do you have?

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Hilary Thu 01-May-03 16:54:05

If my memory serves me correctly, I have 3 pairs of boots, 1 ankle length, 1 knee length and 1 broken. 1 pair of trainers, 2 pairs of sandals, one broken. 1 pair of brown shoes with a small heel which neither I nor dh like. My wedding shoes which I keep for sentimental reasons and would never wear. 1 pair of walking boots. One pair of brown lace up shoes I haven't worn for about 4 years.

Is this excessive? My husband calls me Imelda and says I have loads of shoes but I'm sure I see people around me in far more pairs of shoes than that. And so many times, I don't seem to have any shoes to wear...

Please tell me you have more than this!

whymummy Thu 01-May-03 17:07:48

hilary my dd beats you to it and she`s not even 3 she`s obssess with shoes and we also call her mini imelda,she never asks for toys or sweets just shoes

Bozza Thu 01-May-03 17:12:23

Absolutely not Hilary. Emminently reasonable. I have:
3 pairs gardening shoes/trainers
1 pair walking boots
1 pair pumps
2 pairs trainers (one for gym, one general)
1 ankle boots
2 knee length boots
1 backless trainers (IYKWIM)
2 black work shoes
1 brown flat shoes
1 black clumpy heeled shoes
1 cream sandals (from bridesmaid at SIL's wedding)
1 unworn lilac shoes (to be bridesmaid for sis)
Black, blue, silver mules
Cream flip flops
Black sandals
My wedding shoes

Thats all I can remember off the top at work.

AND my sister came to visit and admire my new fitted wardrobes and said "you don't have many shoes do you?"

eefs Thu 01-May-03 17:18:14

1 pair hiking boots,
1 pair runners
1 pair high heel sandals (slapper shoes, not required often these days)
1 pair knee highs, horribly old fashioned
1 everything shoes (work/play/walking, present from dp and much loved, that man has taste)
2 pairs of flat sandals

that's not too many is it, well considering I constantly wear the same shoes, maybe i should declutter.

ThomCat Thu 01-May-03 17:26:38

I'm not even going there, i'd be too embarressed. I have loads but that's because I never throw any away. I'm 32 this year and have shoes I wore when I was 18! How gross!!!!! But they're really nice still and you never know when you might need them!!!! I refuse to throw away my college DM boots, I can't part with my first ever stilleto's, you never know when that fushia pink shoe with the kitten heel might suddenly go with something!!!!!!!
Actually, do you know what I'm going to have a clear out this weekend. Hmmm trouble is though last time I did that I threw away a pair that i miss now. Anyway i've got a daughter, she can use them in her dressing up box, ha haaa, already talked myself out of the clear out, wicked!!!

Hilary Thu 01-May-03 17:47:39

Thanks guys, I knew I could rely on you!

I am going to throw away the broken pairs and get rid of the lace ups (I did like them in 1998 but the reason eludes me now!) and the other brown ones I don't like and then I have a massive total of five pairs + wedding shoes which aren't really shoes, they're a keep sake!

Anyone else dare to be honest?!

ThomCat Thu 01-May-03 17:52:09

I think you deserve to go out and by a new pair and make it a nice round 6, and it's the bank holiday, a reason to celebrate. If your husband complains tell him Thomcat has more than 6 flip flops, let alone shoes and don't even get me started o how many trainers I own.

WedgiesMum Thu 01-May-03 17:55:38

My shoe tally is pitifully small compared to DH - I have about 15 pairs altogether (shoes, sandals, boots trainers) but DH must have at least 25!!! He has 5 pairs of trainers and 4 pairs of walking boots to start with!! and some really disgusting brown lace ups that go with an equally foul brown suit that his Dad gave him (both of which are now well hidden in the loft prior to being thrown out when he next goes abroad on business - but shhh it's a secret....)

Rhiannon Thu 01-May-03 17:58:10

I have terrible feet so tend to buy them in all the colours if I find a pair that fit. I have very wide feet and a high instep. I still probably have 30 pairs but a lot are mules!

Hilary Thu 01-May-03 18:12:49

I have just remembered another pair of sandals...does that mean I can't go out and buy my sixth pair of shoes anymore, Thomcat?

Janeway Thu 01-May-03 18:35:11

I'll have to go shopping... only 7 pairs....
1 pair trainers (hardly used)
1 pair smart work shoes
1 pair ankle boots (for work in winter)
1 pair steel toecap DM boots (for on site)
1 pair sensible shoes
1 pair mule sandles
1 pair once smart "going out" shoes (now a bit knackered)
1 pair wedding shoes (worn once)

Janeway Thu 01-May-03 18:35:34

can't count - should be 8

mmm Thu 01-May-03 18:53:47

3, but I only wear the DM boots. I'm probably the only old uncool one left.

Starsky Thu 01-May-03 19:32:35

I have: 2 pairs work shoes, 1 pair of strappy sandals, 4 pairs of boots (it is Scotland so is winter for 1/2 the year!), 2 pairs of trainers, 3 pairs of sandals plus wedding shoes, flip flops. Think that makes 14 (and I have just thrown a load of shoes out on moving house)
Hilary - I think you are positively restrained!

Linnet Thu 01-May-03 22:52:47

I have 15 pairs of shoes/boots,
1 pair of boots that I wear to work/everywhere
1 pair of shoes with a heel that are for work but I've only worn them about 3 or 4 times. boots are comfier.
2 pairs of trainers, one falling apart, 1 old pair that I used to wear to aerobics, haven't been for a while.
1 pair of gardening trainers
1 pair of timberlands which hurt my feet but cost a fortune so I won't throw them out.
1 pair of high heeled boots, which also hurt my feet if I wear them to long.
1 pair of mules, and I wish I'd bought 2 pairs as they are so comfy
1 pair of old mules that were also comfy so I kept them
my wedding shoes, for sentimental reasons.
2 pairs of clogs that I never wear nowadays
2 pairs of strappy sandels that I never wear
1 pair of sandels that my friend calls barney rubbles, they are flat and have two staps over them with buckles, anyone know what I mean? they are so comfy as well.
I do a lot of walking so my shoes have to be comfortable and I live in my boots for the majority of the year as I am also in Scotland and it rains a lot.
I should really throw some of these out but you never know when you might need them, that's what I tell my dh anyway, lol

morocco Thu 01-May-03 23:59:17

1 pair sandals
i pair work shoes
1 pair trainers

lots of others that don't fit anymore as I am a medical mystery - the only woman in existence to have feet that got longer during pregnancy

Janeway Fri 02-May-03 07:43:06

morrocco - that's not at all unusual, I have a couple fo freinds who's feet grew - and I think I've even reads it somewhere as a common event in pregnancy

prufrock Fri 02-May-03 08:33:27

How do you all cope with so few pairs of shoes? I have counted in my head 5 pairs of knee boots, 6 pairs short boots, and 19 pairs shoes/sandals. And I'm sure I missed a few.

Lindy Fri 02-May-03 08:47:28

How do you cope with so many prufrock? !!

I have one pair of ankle boots & three pairs of sandal types so this time of year I am really struggling - I have trainers/walking shoes as well (and two pairs of flip flops) - but I am really agitated this morning about what to wear on my feet for playgroup duty!!

Shoe shopping this weekend - but where do you get just plain, ordinary shoes - I mean, not frumpy but not trendy - I used to wear a lot of 'loafer' types but even they are now hard to find in a reasonable style.

Mo2 Fri 02-May-03 09:21:01

Someone I work with is a truse shoeaholic - has over 200 pairs and says - "but they are all so different I need them"
Mind you, she isn't married and has no kids... so has time to worry about these things.

breeze Fri 02-May-03 09:28:07

I own I pair trainer, 3 pairs of boots, 1 ankle, I knee high and 1 pair in the middle, 1 pair of everyday sandels and 1 pair going out sandles. (Just noticed that I do not own a pair of shoes)

Libby65 Fri 02-May-03 09:39:30

I once took nine pairs of shoes with me when I went overseas for a 2-week trip... have been ribbed about it quite a few times ever since.

Having said that, I am definitely not a shoe-a-holic - I only have as many pairs as I need. Think that includes:
1 pair high heeled ankle boots
2 pairs leather sandals
1 pair silver high heels
1 pair black high heels
2 pairs of mules
2 pairs of trainers
2 pairs court shoes
wedding shoes (sentimental also)

I think that's all.... I used to have a lovely pair of brown leather ankle boots that lasted me 10 YEARS.... I wore them til they fell apart and haven't been able to find anything similar yet. Got pretty good value out of those huh??!!!

susanmt Fri 02-May-03 09:51:03

I have 1pr trainers, 1pr walking boots, 1pr ankle boots, 1pr mules, 1pr sandals, 1pr wellies, I pr smart high heels which I never wear as they make me too tall.
I have size 10's so its hard to get shoes to fit - when I find a pair I buy them!
I dont think I've got too many but as dh survives on 2pr black work shoes, I pr trainers, Ipr walking boots and his wellies he thinks I am excessive!
The advantage of having size 10's is I can wear his too!

susanmt Fri 02-May-03 09:52:25

Oh, and my wedding shoes, also for sentimental reasons!

SimonHoward Fri 02-May-03 09:54:09

3 pairs of boots and one pair of sandals.

Only wear one pair of the boots on a regular basis and the sandals are for all other times.

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