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Interweb question - anyone know whay I keep getting blank pages....

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Wordsmith Thu 11-Jun-09 11:50:59

... alongside the ones I open up on Internext Explorer? I only notice they're there when I come to close down the pages I am using. It's almost as though I'm opening up a blank IE screen for every 'real' page I intend to open.
Any ideas what could be happening, IT-clever people out there?

Wordsmith Thu 11-Jun-09 13:19:19


onagar Thu 11-Jun-09 13:34:24

Not sure why that would be off hand. There are some programs that mess with Internet Explorer to open advert pages behind. If it's one of them it's not working as it meant to, but I suppose it's possible.

Just in case I'd install and run Spybot

You might test if it happens with all new windows or just those you get to from favorites or just those from links on webpages and so on. It might be a clue to what's happening.

Oh and see what version of IE you have. You can check by going to the Help Menu at the top of any IE page and clicking 'About Internet Explorer'

Mine says 6.0 and a load of numbers, but some have IE7 and some IE8 now

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