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I cant take these neighbours!!!!

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loulou85 Wed 10-Jun-09 16:08:48

i have some annoying neighbours they been there over 1yrs now, when they first moved in i thought it was just them settling but i was wrong.

There always drinking i see them going to the shop at 8/9am for bottles of cider in bare feet!!!
They fight all the time one time the police arrested all of them because someone who was visiting them had apparently dropped down the stairs and they had left him for days with broke leg and hemorrhage which caused his eye to explode and he was rushed to hospital. I was shocked the house was blocked off for a whole week and to my horror they was let back in and didnt get charged!!!
The urinate up the wall at the front of our houses in day light and just make a mess of our street!!!
i have had stuff stole out of my attic and garden and they even sank as low as to nick my rubbish bin!!!

i have a 4yr old who has a set bed time and has to get up for school which my neighbours know but that dont stop them playing music til all hours and also fighting keeping my son awake. I do go round but there are about 15 of them living in there and my son only has me so i dont want nothing to happen.

i have spoke to my local council about the matter and also contacted my local mp which referred the case to anti social behaviour unit which was rubbish i had to fill in incident diaries which i did and still nothing has been done its got to the point now when i have done my house up and my son is settled but i dont think i can take much more i been in my house nearly 4 yrs and i dont want 2 move because they cant control themselves!!1
just dont know wat to do now ?

AwayWithTheFaries Thu 11-Jun-09 16:45:48

hi lou they sound horrid! i know the feeling the family a few doors up are always drinking and weeing up the alleyways but they are no where near as bad as yours sound!
if they are renting you can find out who the landlord is and i would contact them and keep a noise diary and give it to the council
good luck

loulou85 Wed 09-Sep-09 14:33:19

i have kept noise diaries contacted my loacal mp the police and also there landlord nothin seems to work i have got to the point i might move.They have got all the furniture out there house n in the back garden n been bangin the walls since 8 this morning hopeful they will drink til they pass out i might get some piece

citronella Wed 09-Sep-09 14:49:49

Lordy poor you. They sound horrendous! Don't really know what more to suggest as you have done lots. How about writing to your local press that the council, mp etc are useless in your situation and send a copy of the letter to the council, mp etc. Might chivvy them up a bit.
Sorry you and your ds have to put up with this nightmare.

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