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ideas for a 3yo teddy bears picninc party ... you clever lot!

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mrspink27 Tue 10-May-05 16:29:11

Severely lacking in creative flow today... my dd wants a teddy bears picnic party! apart from everyone bringing their bear... and bear shaped biscuits and food....
and i know that you are all so clever on MN... would be very very grateful!
have searched the archives and googled BTW...

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-May-05 16:31:31

Make bear ears with fur semi circles attactched to hair band

How old will guests be?

TheDevil Tue 10-May-05 16:33:56

Obviously it must finish at 6pm!

beachyhead Tue 10-May-05 16:37:01

You could go on a Bear Hunt.....(Treasure Hunt) with paw shaped clues.....

TheDevil Tue 10-May-05 16:37:38

Have awards for

best dressed bear
most loved bear


CountessDracula Tue 10-May-05 16:44:05

You could have some of these

triceratops Tue 10-May-05 17:20:49

I went to one of these with ds age 3.5 today at his preschool. There was a bit of trouble with people taking other peoples bears. I would recommend having a few "spare" bears and putting name tags on the bears as they arrive. I don't really understand why some of the mums decided to send the kids with their special "can't sleep without him" most important thing in the world teddy to a rough and tumble party with messy food. If you get a bear cookie cutter you could do bear sandwiches. Honey pot lucky dip?

SoupDragon Tue 10-May-05 17:25:35

Bear masks - print out a bear shape onto card and let them stick brown paper squares on them. Add elastic et voila!

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