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why do child benefit make life so difficult?

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loulou85 Wed 10-Jun-09 15:07:26

Im a single mom of my 4 yr old boy and i have been looking after my step sister who is now 16.
i made a claim in jan 09 for my sister's child benefit i sent the form off as usual and i called to make sure they had recieved it which they did, i was told 2 wait 8/12weeks for it to be processed which i waited patiently for the time to pass and i still didnt have a response.

i called them and i asked what was going on and how long was it going to take?they informed me they would have to put a call back through to the department which would take up to 3 days for them to call. Well 3 days come and went and i didnt get a call back (wasnt the last time it happened either). i called again and the same thing was said up to 3 days call back and the same thing happened no call back, by this time i was getting fed up of calling as it is a 0845 number. Then i called again spoke to a manager who said they would give me a priority call back, which led me to believe this time they would call me. How wrong was i still didnt get 1, anyway after speaking to about 4 managers and finally a month later i got a call back only for them to say "sorry we have misplaced (lost) your form and need you to send another which we will treat as priority as you have been waiting over the original time for it to be processed.

i got the claim form sent it recorded delivery and called the next day to make sure they had recieved it which i had confirmed by them and royal mail it was signed for.
When i called to check they had recieved the form i asked how long it was going to take and then to my horror they said another 8/12 weeks i felt like breaking down i had been struggling and i needed the money as i was relying on family. I went crazy but not to much or they would end the call and i asked why i was told it would be priority? they said i dont know who told you that but it shudnt have been said and i laughed because it was a manager who told me.

I got over the fact i had to wait again because of Child benefit's error and i waited and waited until they date they gave me and i called to say i want to know what is going on!

i spoke to someone in the call centre who i told there aint no purpose to there job only to give you a call back that you more that likely wont recieve and i asked to be put through to a manager. i waited to be put through only to be told she was busy and would have to call me back which i was unsure after all the times i was told i would get a call and never did.

Finally i got a call from a manager only to tell me Head office had closed my claim in may we are now on the 10th june and it took me to call them to tell me they had closed my claim, i asked why and she couldn't tell me. She said they dont have that information which i dont understand why if she is a manager she should have access to that information.
Anyway she said she would contact the right department and call me right back at this moment i was in tears i had waited 6Months for no answers. i accepted what she said and finished the call.

I have lost all faith in the child benefit
department and i called them back only to be told that the manager who said she was going to call me back was not going to call me back as they "Dont have direct contact to other deparments" (there prob on the same floor or sitting next to each other).
So now i am here 6Months down the line with no money and no answers!

I dont know what to do next i have spoke to c.a.b and they advised to write a letter which i have wrote letters i have complained on the phone on the internet and i dont know how long it is going to take to sort this!

The government is rubbish and i dont know who put the child benefit department together and who put those stupid rules that they cant contact other departments wants the sack and a reality check.

i want what i am owed and a apology for the stress it has caused me i am still waiting again......

sarah293 Wed 10-Jun-09 15:15:46

Message withdrawn

loulou85 Wed 10-Jun-09 15:41:40

I called C.A.B and they said to write a letter to complain and explain how it has brought hardship and stress on my family which i have done and no response i will contact my local mp now thanx

GumsNRoses Wed 10-Jun-09 15:45:53

Involve your M.P it works wonders.

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