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I never knew babies could be this fantastic

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adrift Tue 10-May-05 15:23:18

I'm amazed. I had (undiagnosed) PND with DD and remember her entire babyhood as a grinding ceaseless trial (poor DD, not her fault at all). DS is just over three mths and -- my goodness -- he's so gorgeous, so responsive, so much fun, I can't believe it can be like this. I want to eat him all up.
I quite see why people go on and on having babies now. Before, I thought they were all absolutely mad. Now I see I was

Dahlia Tue 10-May-05 15:25:50

good for you! Enjoy every lovely moment...

slim22 Tue 10-May-05 15:26:41

I love reading posts like yours. Enjoy your hapiness and take good care of your family.

Merlin Tue 10-May-05 15:27:49

ahhhhh - that's such a lovely post. I've just had to go and peek at my little DS (4 wks) peacefully asleep. They are scrummy aren't they?

nailpolish Tue 10-May-05 15:28:29

your ds sounds just delicious!

good for you, you sound like a lovely mummy. what a great post! how old is your dd now? she must be delighted with her baby brother

Heathcliffscathy Tue 10-May-05 15:28:52

you've just made me really smile when i was feeling glum. thank you

marthamoo Tue 10-May-05 15:37:18

Fab post I know what you mean - my experience of motherhood with ds2 (despite having PND again) was so much more positive than with ds1. In fact, after I had ds1 I had to fight the urge to say "oh you poor thing, how dreadful for you" when people told me they were pregnant (they seem to prefer "Congratulations!" strangely enough).

adrift Tue 10-May-05 15:41:20

DD loves him to bits as well. She's 3.5. A very good big sister.
Of course I feel sad I didn't enjoy her babyhood as much as I'm enjoying his, but I do feel incredibly grateful that I'm getting this second chance at babies.
I don't put all of this down to the ADs, either. I started to feel better just as soon as I worked out what was wrong with me when he was less than a month old.
Yes, MM, when a friend told me she was having a third, I'm afraid I blurted out, 'Are you completely insane?' I saw her last week and reminded her of this... she said she always suspected but never mentioned PND.

101StressPuppy Tue 10-May-05 15:46:06

What a lovely post. Hope you enjoy your DD and DS as much as possible, glad you are finding it so rewarding this time

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