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Anyone on here able to do a childrens story critique?

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pinkroses Tue 10-May-05 14:58:29

That's it really. I have a manuscript for a children's story that I need critiqued.

Can anyone help.

ps...need it ASAP!!!

pinkroses Tue 10-May-05 15:58:50


Chandra Tue 10-May-05 16:24:20

There should be someone, please keep posting through out the day, you never know when the writers would be onlline. HTH

pinkroses Tue 10-May-05 16:51:37

Thanks Chandra. I'll keep bumping.

gggglimpopo Tue 10-May-05 17:03:52

I'll have a go Crit or proofread?

anorak Tue 10-May-05 17:06:46

I can do that stuff. How long is your ms?

anorak Tue 10-May-05 17:07:06

sorry ggggl! You first.

gggglimpopo Tue 10-May-05 17:10:42

we can do a compare and contrast job, anorak!

anorak Tue 10-May-05 17:14:12

No, no you do it. I'm a bit snowed under really but I thought I'd speak as I hadn't noticed you'd already offered. Go for your life

toria77 Tue 10-May-05 17:25:43

yeah- i am a teacher so read lots of stories every day- would be happy to have a look .

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