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Move to South East London

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fyefoot Mon 08-Jun-09 16:46:09

I am in Stoke Newington at the moment, my flat is under offer and now looking for somewhere to buy. I'd really like a house but anything round here is out of my price range so have been looking further a field towards South East London as seems much more affordable but I don't really know the area. I've seen some nice looking houses (on the internet rather than in real life!) in Charlton (Maryon Road, Heathwood Road)
near Maryon Wilson Park and also Shooters Hill (Eglinton Hill). Any information about general area, schools, nurseries etc would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

scoutandjem Mon 08-Jun-09 16:52:56


I live in Hove now but did live in Honor oak Park and still have my house there. When I've been to visit (check tenant damage!!) I have noticed the area has improved significantly. Cafe's, wine bars and nice deli.

No ideas about nuseries though.

10 mins to London Bridge and one hour to Brighton to see the sea smile Not far from Blackheath, Dulwich and Greenwich which are beautiful but houses are v v expensive.

Good luck.

niche Thu 11-Jun-09 21:02:13

Shooters Hill is mostly nice but the closer you get to Woolwich Common Estate the rougher the area gets. Herbert Road and it's surrounds are dodgy too. Woolwich is considered a deprived area (well it was last year) so many schools and nurseries get extra funding.

I love Maryon Wilson Park, used to take the dcs there all the time but not sure what it's like to live near, upsetting that people still think it's fun to let their pets kill or injure the animals there.

I used to walk to Blackheath from Shooters Hill for the farmers mkt each week so it's not far at all and there's a council run farm on Shooters Hill that is fab to take the dcs to.

We moved far away once ds1 was school age but I hugely miss a little bit of me misses Greenwich/Blackheath.

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