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Can i b really cheeky & ask...

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FunkyFox Mon 09-May-05 21:41:50

...if anyone has a 1st birthday banner i could borrow or something?! Can't find any 1st birthday stuff in the shops just 'happy birthday' and i really wanted it to say 1st for the photos! Ds's birthday on friday so too late to order over internet without paying about 6pound postage! help me? I'm disorganised, i do try!

HappyDaddy Mon 09-May-05 22:40:07

Could you make one?

hub2dee Mon 09-May-05 23:10:37

Maybe print out a '1st' in colour on A4 and stick it / hang it between the 'Y' and the 'B' from the middle of the banner ? Or cut an ordinary one in same place and sellotape your way to photographic accuracy nirvana ?

MarsLady Mon 09-May-05 23:14:29

I have a Winnie the Pooh one you can borrow. I would like it back to put in the DTs memory box (I don't care if you all think that I'm sad). CAT me and I'll post it in the am. All you need to do is post it back when you are done. Or you could go to Woolies and pick one up really cheaply.

FunkyFox Mon 09-May-05 23:34:23

Oh marslady you r lovely! miraculously enough i think i just scored one on ebay but you r so lovely to offer to lend me something precious to your memories! big hug for you! ...have you noticed how the men on here have come over all creative! ..not that i am cynical in any any way but perhaps its the man thing of saving money! only joking men! having a tiff with dp tonight just venting steam!

MarsLady Mon 09-May-05 23:38:37

If the ebay one doesn't work out then let me know.

FunkyFox Mon 09-May-05 23:41:46

thankyou my darling x.

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