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OMP/SMP... whats it all about.....HELP!!

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sparklycheerymummy Sun 07-Jun-09 12:16:55

I thought I understood it all but I dont! I gather you get SMP for 39 weeks.... 6 weeks at 90% of wages and 33 weeks at £123.06 or 90% of your salary whichever is lower!
I am entitled to OMP (Occupational maternity pay) and from what I understand the SMP is included in the OMP.

Am I right to assume i wont get my full pay at the beginning PLUS SMP..... but that SMP is included in my pay??

I work in Education and I understood OMP to be so many weeks full pay, so many weeks 90% pay, so many weeks half pay.... for 26 weeks and when my salary drops below the £123.06 SMP I just get the SMP till I have had the 39 weeks.

ANY ADVICE OUT THERE!!! I have just had a 'friend' boasting about how she gets full pay PLUS SMP which I thought seemed unlikely..... surely if you are getting full occupational maternity pay (she gets about £1400 a month) you will not then be handed another £500 quid a month SMP.... that just wouldnt seem fair!!

BORING SUBJECT I KNOW BUT i have already read the government site and just wanted some normal real advice! THANKS X

LIZS Sun 07-Jun-09 16:07:43

You're correct, OMP would include the element of SMP (ie 90% of the average paid for qualifying weeks for initial 6 weeks etc) . This is reclaimed from the govt so the difference is a discretionary enhancement from the employer. I don't think there is any limit on what this enhancement could be but there are often strings attached (ie it may be repayable in full or part if you don't return for a specified period afterwards). Hers may seem high if, for example, she was paid a bonus during the qualifying weeks or has cash in lieu of contractual benefits to which she continues to be entitled while on ML. hth

sparklycheerymummy Sun 07-Jun-09 20:52:56

thanks yes it does..... she did menttion something about her holiday pay entitlement so maybe thats included..... just seemed a little unfair. just me sulking as you would think that in education we would get a good deal.... though i suppose 12 weeks a year holiday is a pretty good 'bonus'. DIdnt realise OMP was discretionary.... thought it had a standard format. Money is such a worry and it shouldnt be when you are expecting! HOw did our ancestors manage before all this smp omp stuff!!??

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