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door bouncer... how old?

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starlover Mon 09-May-05 14:36:37

how old should children be before they can go in a door bouncer.
I have a second hand one and I think DS would like it, but he is only 3 months.. is he too young?
He is good at holding his head up

fuzzywuzzy Mon 09-May-05 14:38:05

6 months according to the instructions on my Lindam door boucer.

sweetkitty Mon 09-May-05 14:41:19

Ours said 4 months but we put DD in it and she just hung there, she only starting really getting into it at 7 months + she adores it now and goes nuts in it I keep thinking she's going to pull hte door frame down.

starlover Mon 09-May-05 14:50:05

LOL, I think i'll wait a bit then!

Springchicken Mon 09-May-05 15:03:02

I would wait too.
My DD loved hers but she's got too big for it now - she gets so carried away she bangs into the door frame!

She could stay in there for hours though, definitely a good investment IMO

moondog Mon 09-May-05 15:04:49

Oooh yes! Fab!
(How else d'you think I manage to spend so much time on MN? )

Cwmtydu Mon 09-May-05 15:14:03

Very confused, poor me. thought this was going to be a "careers" thread -- as in: "Can my sixteen year old child/ninety-three year old parent become one?"

moondog Mon 09-May-05 15:17:16

lol cwmtydu!!! (Cymraeg btw??)

ja9 Mon 09-May-05 20:16:04

my ds took to it straight away when i put him in at 5 mths. made me think he had been ready for it for a while.... he still loves it now.

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