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wholesale flowers??!

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charlotteolivia Fri 05-Jun-09 17:06:01

I need 30 flower arrangements for a big summer party. My friend is flying over from France is going to do the arranging. I just need to sort out where to get the flowers! All the florists near me seem to get big truck deliveries twice a week from holland.

Any ideas on where I can get flowers wholesale in Birmingham???

spicemonster Fri 05-Jun-09 17:14:01

New Covent Garden is where you get them from in London - not sure if there's similar in Brum

queenrollo Fri 05-Jun-09 19:10:12

try here this came up when i googled wholesalers.
The problem you may encounter is that unless you have a business they may not sell to you. Lots of wholesalers started doing this to avoid the general public cutting out the middle man and getting flowers at trade.

If you don't know a friendly florist who would do you a good deal, do you know someone who runs a gift shop? That place sells sundries too (like vases etc) and someone with a gift shop could get a trade card for there.

If you don't know anyone that could do that then phone them and see if they will do you a bulk order without being trade. Is the party a private do or a fundraiser of some sort? If it is for an organisation they may do you an order through the committee.

Failing that, work out what you need and ask local florists to give you quotes, and see which is the most competitive. You may get a discount for a bulk order, including the oasis/dishes/any wire you will need.

charlotteolivia Sat 06-Jun-09 01:26:10

It's a big party we have every summer in memory of my best friends father. there is an auction of promises, bouncy castle, etc etc.
The party seems to get bigger every year!

thank you v much for your help!! will ring them, and ask ever-so nicely!!

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