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Has anyone been to a fortune teller?

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Momma23 Wed 03-Jun-09 17:20:26

HAs anyone been to a fortune teller and did you find them any good?

tiredemma Wed 03-Jun-09 17:22:33

Yes- I saw a welsh man who owned a litle bar in Santa Ponsa, Majorca about 10 years ago.

He was eerily spot on.

Also saw a little old lady here in bham when I was about 17, she sensed I was pregnant ( I was at the time) and even described the father as 'a bit of a waster (he was).

Fairynufff Thu 04-Jun-09 14:46:11

Been to two. They made a thousand and one guesses predictions and by hit and miss one or two were right. Mostly bollocks. It's a parlour trick as demonstrated beautifully by Derren Brown at some point on one of his tv shows.

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