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Have you ever been so overawed in a situation you have ended up doing something really silly and out of character?

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CrushWithEyeliner Sun 31-May-09 15:43:55

I was just remembering the time when I moved to one of the most wealthy neighbourhoods in London when I had just moved in with DH and we were renting.

I was like a fish out of water. Totally intimidated by everyone lol.
One morning I ended up wandering into a shop which I though just sold junk - kitchenware and old secondhand nic-nacs. I picked up a fairly boring looking wooden peppermill which we needed and after a while brought it to the lady at the till. She packaged it beautifully for me, wrapping it all in tissue and complimented me on my taste "oooh this is maple, absolutely stunning" I felt this was a bit strange, then she said "that will be 105 pounds". I was so utterly stunned I got out my card and paid for it. There and then. I had no money all Month. I still have it though.

I have since learned about shops with no price tags. grin

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