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Things I must remember for jury service tommorow

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evaangel2 Sun 31-May-09 11:42:34

I will pack my bag later

What things will I need to take with me?


Wigeon Sun 31-May-09 14:08:15

Lots and lots of things to occupy you for spending the whole day in one room, in case the cases all end up getting delayed (whatever amuses you - newspaper / books / iPod / knitting / crossword / sudoku etc etc etc!!)...Don't just take one book and think you can read it for 7 hours!

I did jury service when I was revising for my finals so in theory it was a great time to spend revising!

Wigeon Sun 31-May-09 14:11:51

(by the way, I did get a case eventually and it was really interesting)

Agree with Wigeon. Make sure you take lunch and stuff to eat/drink. Ours did a run to the local sandwich shop but there wasn't much choice and it was vending machine drinks all the way. Tea in my own flask was far better.

Thunderduck Sun 31-May-09 19:36:21

Take lots of things to occupy you. You can wait around forever. A few books rather than just one, some sweets, snacks and drinks.

The court, and surrounding areas were unpleasantly hot and stuffy when I was there waiting for jury duty so a hand held fan might not be a bad idea.

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