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prescription medicines - how much do they really cost?

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Aimsmum Sat 07-May-05 22:15:56

Message withdrawn

rickman Sat 07-May-05 22:19:58

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Sat 07-May-05 22:20:56

i can look it up for you if you want aimsmum. what drug is it?

kid Sat 07-May-05 22:24:12

(HC- did you get my email the other day?)

hoxtonchick Sat 07-May-05 22:30:38

don't think so kid.... last one i got from you had pics.

Aimsmum Sat 07-May-05 22:31:26

Message withdrawn

kid Sat 07-May-05 22:34:40

I sent it to your hotmail address, thats if I had the right address. It was about pics actually!

sorry for the thread hijack Aimsmum

hoxtonchick Sat 07-May-05 22:43:54

aha, it was in my junk mail folder. will e-mail you on my real address now.

aimsmum, the augmentin suspension costs £4.25/100 ml. there are 2 strengths of the amoxicillin suspension, 125mg/5ml costs £1.15/100 ml & 250 mg/5 ml costs £1.80/100 ml. hth. i'm not sure who pays for free prescriptions, possibly the pct. hth.

Aimsmum Sat 07-May-05 22:50:02

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Sat 07-May-05 22:50:34

no problem

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