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do you like May or Mae better as a middle name?

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JiminyCricket Sat 07-May-05 18:57:00

Can't decide

almostanangel Sat 07-May-05 18:57:24


hunkermunker Sat 07-May-05 18:57:38


Whizzz Sat 07-May-05 18:58:13


Tinker Sat 07-May-05 18:58:20


Janh Sat 07-May-05 18:59:15

Depends what first name is I think?

Janh Sat 07-May-05 19:00:17

I know a girl called Beatrice May, because she was born in May, but sadly her mother chickened out of calling her sister February!

milosmum Sat 07-May-05 19:01:31

mae, definatly.

Twiglett Sat 07-May-05 19:02:33

depends very much on first name

I like Mae .. but with some names it will sound a little Mae West'ish

JiminyCricket Sat 07-May-05 19:11:37

Sophie Mae

Twiglett Sat 07-May-05 19:22:12

SophiE or SophiA

personally I would go with the May spelling in that case

(pretty name either way)

WigWamBam Sat 07-May-05 19:22:28

I think Sophie May looks better written down than Sophie Mae.

colditz Sat 07-May-05 19:23:13


hunkermunker Sat 07-May-05 19:23:40

I revise my opinion in light of more information re first name


Very pretty name

flamesparrow Sat 07-May-05 19:26:17

I like May, but then I'm biased... tis DD's middle name. I have to spend all my time explaining people that May was chosen when she was still due to be born in April, and not because it was the month she was born in!!!

PrincessPeahead Sat 07-May-05 19:30:20

Mae sounds like an bleached blonde from Tennessee "Oh Lily Mae? Yes, Sherri Mae? D'ya see what Lori-Mae was wearing at the hog-wrestling yesterday? What was she THINKIN'?"

Aero Sat 07-May-05 19:31:02

May - born in May and fave gGreat Aunt is May - think it looks nicer writen down.

JenJam Sat 07-May-05 19:35:04

may. mae is v. strongly associated with mae west and that's about it; no bullshit a bit hard vs. maY which feels soft, beautiful, bright and breezy. IMHO

JiminyCricket Sat 07-May-05 19:35:40

Hmm, interesting change of direction in the postings. I think you're right, see I like Mae but do think it could be a bit much with Sophie. Ta for your thoughts

JenJam Sat 07-May-05 19:36:58

just read other responses. i agree with princess peahead on mae

charleypops Sat 07-May-05 19:43:26

May because otherwise she'll have to spell it out, but mainly because it's one of my middle names! [girn]

almostanangel Sat 07-May-05 19:50:18

i think sophie-louise.... guess what my firs name is lol

wordgirl Sat 07-May-05 19:51:33

I thought May and Mae were both pronounced the same so I don't understand how it really makes a difference. Is it just about how it looks on paper or am I being dense?

romany4 Sat 07-May-05 21:44:03

My niece is called Patricia May and it suits her!

milge Sat 07-May-05 21:47:43

May, but please don't hypenate it. Hate hypenated -May names, sounds very "Oklahoma". I know a "Lucy-May" and it does my head in when her mother calls out to her!

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