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The Daily Express...!

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SleepyJess Sat 07-May-05 18:54:43 laughable today!! Pages and pages full of foot stamping sours grapes re Labour! (Was probably like it yesreday as well although I didn't see it.)

They have even managed to be quite foul about a family picture of the Blairs.. albeit in a very dummy-spitting, toddler-tantrumming way! Must have been a real challenge for them and they haven't done all that well.. first they make barbed comments about Tony Blair managing to keep his family out of the limelight most of the time(surely this admirable?).. and then another baffling acidic remark about rolling them out for the day after Labour win the election! If not then, then when??! And haven't all the party leaders been pictured with their families??!!

The closing remark of this particular article makes a cutting remark about Tony picking up Leo and walking inside with him. Em, excuse me, should he have left his four year old child standing on the doorstep of #10 at the mercy of the world's press?!

Sad.. very sad... but amusing to see every reporter striving to be as horrible as possible about Labour, merely because they are obliged to be as sick pigs (whether they are or not!) that Labour will be in charge of the country for another 4 years! I bet some of them voted for them! LOL

SJ x

Janh Sat 07-May-05 19:04:12

The Express is always even more pathetic about Labour than the Mail, which is quite an achievement - I remember a couple of weeks they had a big headline "POLL SHOCK FOR LABOUR" about the Tories scoring higher than Labour and - guess what - it was a poll of Express readers!!!

Dummy-spitting foot-stamping is exactly right, SJ.

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