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Help,suggestions please for a 40 yr old

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layla Tue 29-Apr-03 13:20:54

I need a few suggestions for a gift for me to give my friend who is 40 this weekend.I've left it quite late and don't have loads of time to go shopping and looking.I was going to make something special at my class but with it being closed for easter and not going one week with having to work on I haven't and now I'm a bit stuck.She likes different things,not into fashion and likes ethnic stuff,doesn't wear make up.Anybody??Because it's a 40th I want smth a bit special but don't want to spend a fortune.

pie Tue 29-Apr-03 13:22:29

I got my mum a really beautiful hand blown very expensive vase and the flowers to go in it. Where abouts do you live? What kinda shops do you have in your area?

Bobbins Tue 29-Apr-03 13:23:04

How about one of the gift boxes from

Meanmum Tue 29-Apr-03 13:23:07

Tickets to an ethnic play of some sort she may like.

whymummy Tue 29-Apr-03 13:25:31

debenhams has really nice ethnic things,i bought a figurine of a masai woman i usually hate figurines but this one is just beautiful

lilibet Tue 29-Apr-03 13:31:02

Do you mean me? 40 on saturday!! AAAArrrggghhh!!!
I would go for nice jewellery. you can get lots of ethnic type stuff now, lovely bangles and of course the ever popular bottle of bubbly!

layla Tue 29-Apr-03 13:31:46

Wow,that was quick.Hmm,a vase would be nice.
Bobbins,she might like Lush.I can't make myself go in there though,I can't stand the smell of anything in there
Keep them coming,this is great.It's good to get some ideas.

Gumdrop Tue 29-Apr-03 13:32:10

There is a chain of shops doing African / Asian art, vases, jewellery etc called Masai Mara. They do have a website, but given the timescale you might need to visit one of their shops - which are listed on the website (eventually)

Lucky friend!

layla Tue 29-Apr-03 13:33:29

Ah,jewellery of course and I hadn't thought of that-she likes dangly ones.Lillibet are you 40 on Sat too?

beetroot Tue 29-Apr-03 18:14:22

Message withdrawn

slug Tue 29-Apr-03 20:41:15

If you live in one of the bigger cities, try going to workshops and buying from the craftspeople themselves. I've got some fantastic glass at much less than the price you'd pay in the shops from the glassblowers near London Bridge. It's also possible to get some really nice, totally unique jewellery from the people who make it.

Meanmum Tue 29-Apr-03 20:56:14

Slug - can I hear more about the glass blowers. Sounds beautiful and I want a special present for my mum this year.

slug Wed 30-Apr-03 10:47:43

They're in, I think, Leathermarket. There's a whole lot of craft workshops there and you can buy direct from the craftspeople. Otherwise try some of the artists workshops scattered around London. I have an artist friend who works out of a place in New Cross. There's lots of artists there and they take commissions for stuff.

layla Wed 30-Apr-03 12:55:43

I could have kicked myself,I went to a lovely craft place the other weekend and my friend's b'day never even entered my head and there was some gorgeous things there.Unfortunately just didn't have time this week to wander into town.But all was not lost as thanks to a bit of inspiration from you here I went into 2 nice shops after work and have bought a pair of ethnic earrings and a fancy beaded cushion for her.So thanks for your suggestions.

Maudy Wed 30-Apr-03 13:41:52

How about a special massage or treatment. Could be reflexology or Indian head massage or something. I bought my sister a Elemis Rasul mud treatment that I found on as she was 40 last week. It went down a treat.

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