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how do i convince tha Doc

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tiffini Fri 06-May-05 22:19:55

I currently live in a first floor 2 bedroomed flat with 3 children.

We have been on the waiting list with our local housing assosiation for a move for 2 years.

We have tried everything to increase our chances of a move, but they continue to fob us off.

Our only hope now, would be if i was diagnosed with depression, except i dont thing i am depressed although it does get me down.

I tried to tell the Doc i was depressed once, and he said i may have an under active thyroid, so i had to be tested.

It turns out i did have an under active thyroid, so the Doc left it at that and did'nt look into depression.

This rearly is my only hope of ever getting a move, my problem is i am a terrible liar, so i dont know how to convince the Doc i am depressed.

Any one have any ideas???

almostanangel Fri 06-May-05 22:22:21

if you had depression you would know it!!!!!!!!

kid Fri 06-May-05 22:25:54

My doctor and HV wrote a letter to my council telling them that I was suffering PND and was recieving counselling for it. I wasn't really but they thought it might help me. They recommended I was given a flat but the council said it wouldn't help me get a place.
If you're not already, register for an exchange. Its rare that people want to go from a 3 to a 2 bed but it does happen. We managed after 3 years of waiting. There is a website called H.O.M.E.S (I think) that send you possible exchanges on their database.

Aimsmum Fri 06-May-05 22:25:58

Message withdrawn

tiffini Fri 06-May-05 22:30:54

if i am not depressed now i soon will be.
My DS is is susspected to have autism (undergoing assesment) and he is aggresive towards my DTs so is unable to share a room with them. therefore he sleeps in my bed with me, and my DH sleeps on the sofa, we have not shared a bed for 8 months, and our marriage is startind to break down.

We are seriously cramped with only 2 bedrooms, we have no dining room and a tiny kitchen.

sparklymieow Fri 06-May-05 22:32:04

You have twins, don't you?? I am wondering if it worth speaking to the Physio next week, and see if she feels that your daughter (the one you are worried about) would be better off in a house. My son was 2 when I asked for a transfer, that was in the feb 2000, the council gave me an extra 150 points which put me at the top of the list but said I could only have a flat or bungalow, I keep aguring with them, and in the end got Social services to come and do a housing assessment on Ds, they came out and said that we needed to be move ASAP because the stairs in my old house weren't suitable (very steer and narrow) and one week later the council said we could use the points against a house, 2 days later we were offered this house...

tiffini Fri 06-May-05 22:32:33

if your depression is caused from your living situation, then yes where i live you are made a priority.

sparklymieow Fri 06-May-05 22:32:57


tiffini Fri 06-May-05 22:34:28

i will certainly give it a go sparklymieow, but my DS paediatrician would'nd help even though she admits he is aggressive

Aimsmum Fri 06-May-05 22:34:55

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Fri 06-May-05 22:37:18

Don't know how it is w/your council, but ours no longer offers housing. It's all been transferred to a housing association conglomerate.

The only way to get a house or even a ground floor flat is to be disabled to the point where you can only get around in a wheelchair. Hell, they even had a woman who had one leg amputated at the thigh hopping up 3 flights of stairs!

Overcrowded? There's nothing they can do about that, either. It's common to have families of 6 in two bed flats.

Our housing association has to house 'homeless' first, so anyone already in a flat is looking at a never-ending wait.

Best of luck!

tiffini Fri 06-May-05 22:38:29

Social services would'nt help either, said they dont deal with housing.
Have also tried enviromental Health
and wrote a letter to my local MP and councilers
HV has also written 2 letters.

nutcracker Fri 06-May-05 22:39:12

Ohhhhhh Tiffini, i feel for you I really do.

This time last year I was in the exact same position as you, but with awful neighbours keeping us awake half the night too.
You are right in that having depression would get you extra points. Infact in my case with the council it got me medical prioity and i was then given 1000 points (had got 30 before that).
I was actually suffering from pnd but my h.v laid it on very thick and i was reffered to a psychiatrist, and all of these people wrote letters for me and then i got the points.

You need to get points for everything you can think of. I had points for depression, suffering anti social behaviour, over crowding, unfit property (mould on walls), dd's asthma, and a few more that i've forgotten.

I also went to see my mp and she contacted both the council snd the h/a's on my behalf. I kept a diary of every conversation i had with the h/a and council as they tended to lie alot, and I took picies of the walls in the flat and threatened them with going to the press.

If i were you i would go to the docs, and just say you are feeling depressed, you cannot cope with the living arrangements, you are fidning yourself shor tempered, crying alot and you don't feel you are coping. If he still doesn't do anything then see another g.p.

Are you wishing to stay in the same area ???? and also which other lists are you on ????

sparklymieow Fri 06-May-05 22:39:57

I had someone from Children services come out and do the assessment, she was a SS OT, and I still have one who comes and does any assessments for adaptions we need...

nutcracker Fri 06-May-05 22:40:01

What area do you live in now ??

sparklymieow Fri 06-May-05 22:40:49

where are you T??

nutcracker Fri 06-May-05 22:41:17

Do you know where abouts on the list you are ?????

tiffini Fri 06-May-05 22:43:05

Yes the law on overcrowding is ridiculous.
Children under 10 only count as 1\2 a person
babies count as no people.
You can also sleep 2 adults in a front roon
2 in the kitchen, depending on size
and 2 in a dining room, if you have one.

So according to the law i am actually undercrowded.

tiffini Fri 06-May-05 22:44:24

i live in the West Midlands.
I have 120 point and have been told i am on the shortlist, but there are always homeless that come first.

nutcracker Fri 06-May-05 22:44:41

I was told that sleeping in the living area is not allowed and so they should not be counting that as sleeping are at all.

Where abouts in the country are you ????

nutcracker Fri 06-May-05 22:45:06

Oh god now i am not surprised. I am in the west mids too.

nutcracker Fri 06-May-05 22:45:31

What council are you under b'ham ????

sparklymieow Fri 06-May-05 22:46:50

what does your tencery (sp?) say My house is only allowed 5 people in it, my parents is a similar house and it is 5 people too, there was 6 of us living there so I got a coucnil flat at 18..

tiffini Fri 06-May-05 22:47:03

It is Elgar Housing and they are useless.

nutcracker Fri 06-May-05 22:47:29

Thats like mine for the flat sm. It said only 4 people allowed, so as soon as ds was one we were gioven overcrowding points.

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