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Fitting stair gates on different stairs

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Ponka Fri 06-May-05 15:38:24


Boring question. I know.

It's time to fit a stair gate in our house. We've got one but the bottom of our stairs are strange. The wall goes all the way on one side but finishes about 4 stairs up on the other and goes into the room.

We want to fit the gate on the bottom stair because it would be dangerous so far up and were thinking we'd have to build some sort of extension to the wall contraption!?

Anybody had experience of fitting stair gates to unconventional stairs?

WestCountryLass Mon 09-May-05 00:45:09

I haven't had any experience with that but it sounds problematic. Have you thought about buying one of those playpens that opens out?,4,,shosafety,safgatesplaypens

You could open it out in front of the staircase so your DC could not get past?

miranda2 Mon 09-May-05 03:47:51

I have heard that it is actually safer to have the stairgate a few steps up, as the child can learn to climb up and down and won't seriously hurt themselves falling 4 steps, whereas if they never get to practice they are at risk when they finally do come across some unguarded stairs. Just a thought!

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