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My Postings .... I Never get any replies ...... Why

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IsItJustMe Mon 28-Apr-03 22:04:17

I have changed my name for this as I do not want anyone to start replying to my other postings to calm my neurosis! But - I have been posting for a while now - and none of my postings seem to generate any interest or response. They are issues that I think are relevant and might be of interest to others but bar one or two oneline responses no-one seems interested in my threads. Perhaps my approach is wrong.
I'm not very interested in more chatty postings like Coronation Street or Cherie Blair - maybe I should be, as these seem to go on for weeks.

ninja Mon 28-Apr-03 22:09:50

I sometimes see messages that I just don't feel qualified to respond to, often the most serious ones. I look out for these and read them for the advice given or comments made. I've made the mistake of commenting on issues that I just didn't have enough experience of and I guess I feel it's not fair to do this. I'm sure it's not personal.

Furball Mon 28-Apr-03 22:12:22

I thought I would reply to this one, so you don't get a complex

I don't think it's personal, 'They/we' are not like that here. A few of my threads seemed to go unread, I know it does feel like its directed at you but I don't think it is intentional.

ps. I'm dying to know who you really are.

ACH Mon 28-Apr-03 22:13:44

I have read your posting tonight, but if you give some examples of your previous postings then I will be able to reply to them and so will anybody else that reads your posting. I've only recentley found mumsnet and have been posting and had lots of really good and helpful advice. I've found it a huge help.

ScummyMummy Mon 28-Apr-03 22:17:05

Itain'tjustyou. Keep posting

SueW Mon 28-Apr-03 22:36:31

Definitely keep posting.

I used to kill every thread going - here or elsewhere!

If you get too neurotic, you'll start to believe that even when threads keep going, no-one acknowledges your point

Twink Mon 28-Apr-03 22:42:10

Also bear in mind that people vary in how they look at threads, some go in via the homepage and look at 'hot threads', others search for new ones in various ways - I usually just 'search for new since I last looked' so I can see everything that has updated - but quite often that means there are around 100 threads to scan over which leads to the 'are you ever going to get off Mumsnet ??' comments so I still miss things.

In paranoid mode, all my comments about running Race for Life are ignored !!

WedgiesMum Mon 28-Apr-03 22:44:09

Do you know I think that lots of us feel like that at some point or another, and I often feel that what I say kills threads dead..... But I just keep going anyway - hide like a rhino on occasion but mainly verbal diorrhea....

Keep going, and I'm positive that if you find things important enough to say others will too and will just miss your thread by logging on at the wrong time and only looking at very recent threads......

big hugs to you IsItJustMe

whymummy Mon 28-Apr-03 22:45:28

don`t get paranoid,it happens just keep posting!

Tinker Mon 28-Apr-03 22:46:09

True, there are just soo many threads these days that I have to be selective about which I can read fully. Or, I am just completely unqualified to respond to. I know I can be guilty of not responding to posts directed at me but that's because I'm worried about things turning into a 'me, me me' thread.

Anyway, who are you? Come on, spit it out.

WideWebWitch Mon 28-Apr-03 22:46:37

Keep posting whoever you are, I just thought I'd add to this so your paranoia doesn't increase!

ScummyMummy Mon 28-Apr-03 22:49:55

Twink- Your Race for Life posts are brilliant! They're only not replied to by me cos I'm too unfit to contemplate entering. Next year I will gird myself in lots of sports bras and think about it. Meanwhile keep posting EVERYONE

Demented Mon 28-Apr-03 23:40:53

Don't get paranoid whoever you are. I don't always read all the threads, depends how addicted I am feeling, if I don't know much about a subject I either steer clear or may read the post but not feel that I can contribute in any way. I'm sure we have all felt at bit like this at times, you are not alone.

Nattie Tue 29-Apr-03 00:09:34

Dear IsItJustMe - I was feeling exactly the same. In fact, I was going to post an anonymous plea just like yours - but forgot!

I must admit that I only visit mumsnet intermittently - usually when I need to share something and need some support but do feel deflated when not many people respond. However, I don't want to seem ungrateful for the comments I have got, but I post something in the hope of a prolonged discussion and it fizzles out after about 3 postings.

tomps Tue 29-Apr-03 07:04:59

IsItJustme - your comments are probably so insightful and relevant that readers see that all bases have been covered and there is nothing left to add !

mmm Tue 29-Apr-03 07:28:30

I sometimes think that too, but think it's because I'm Mrs Boring or Mrs Not Funny . Think of it like a tabloid newspaper and put 'sex' or 'drugs' or 'help' in the title. Learn to be histrionic succinctly! Good luck darling.

doormat Tue 29-Apr-03 07:48:47

Keep posting

Nutjob Tue 29-Apr-03 10:22:24

I have often felt on the brink of 'giving up', especially when there was all that hoo-haa over the 'flirting' thread. I didn't join in, but felt sad that everyone was getting upset, and thought 'Wow, I get enough of this at home!!!'. Also, sometimes I would get upset at someones comments, but then I just thought, 'Oh well, everyone is entitled to there opinion' and to be honest, I think a lot of the time because you are just reading a reply rather than having a proper conversation, you can misinterpret the meaning as you cannot tell the tone in which it is said..IYKWIM?

As for the chatty threads, I really enjoy them (have to say I am responsible for a number of them), it's nice to have a bit of light relief and banter. Call me shallow, but I love 'em.

Marina Tue 29-Apr-03 10:26:13

No, ItsNotJustYou, as I'm sure you have gathered. We all have bits of the site we feel completely unqualified to comment on, bits where we know we haven't a hope of keeping up with the repartee, and bits where we just feel too awe-struck to respond (cf Twink's Race for Life and Scummy's entirely understandable reaction!!)
Just keep posting, we've all had those paranoid moments.

Hughsie Tue 29-Apr-03 10:29:55

Dont get a complex - I think it happens to everyone. I alsways seem to catch the end of a good thread when it is drying up - but dont be disheartened

crystaltips Tue 29-Apr-03 10:46:56

What were you posting about IsItJustMe? If it were simultaneous equations then serves you right But other than that just put it down to us all being very busy and being too interested in trivia

Meanmum Tue 29-Apr-03 11:04:10

I think it's fair to say everyone seems to feel this way at some time or another. I found my first few didn't generate much discussion and I was hoping they would. Mind you a lot of mine don't seem to generate much discussion but because I am so opinionated I continue to write!!!

I have found that some headings don't attract me and it's not until I see them popping up on the Active Threads (that's how I find postings) again and again I think they may have something of interest for me to read.

The only tip I can give is make your headings interesting and relevant. Easier said than done mind you.

Meanmum Tue 29-Apr-03 11:05:11

Sometimes you need to renew the thread by writing in it again asking for anyone's response as it may just be that it was missed due to timings etc.

Also think about when mum's tend to be most busy as they will probably not be on at that time.

mum2toby Tue 29-Apr-03 11:15:22

Good Point meanmum. I only look at mumsnet during office hours ( ....I hope my boss doesn't see this!). Sometimes I do a search on last day and find all these conversations that went on well into the night!!.... you sad people!!

Meanmum Tue 29-Apr-03 11:42:03

mum2toby - I hope you're not working at the same company as me? No wonder the place is falling apart. Is no one doing anything!!!!! Get back to work you lot of scrounging bums.

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