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can you recommend a 'nice' fairy fancy dress outfit that is not predominantly hideous pink?

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yousaidit Fri 22-May-09 21:17:09

tescos late last yeaqr or early this year did a lovely plum and green one, but now they've got this gross tatty thing in!

nothing 'branded', just a nice twinkly fairy outfit for a 2 to 3 year old?

any recommendations would be fab!

yousaidit Fri 22-May-09 23:05:15


saggyhairyarse Mon 25-May-09 21:15:59

What about:

or: html/results2.asp

dizzydixies Mon 25-May-09 21:16:42

DD2 has a gorgeous strawberry one which is red and DD1 has a plum coloured one - will try to find links

dizzydixies Mon 25-May-09 21:18:39

strawberry fairy outfit and sugar plum fairy outfit

both utterly gorgeous smile

snickersnack Mon 25-May-09 21:22:28

This place does lovely dressing up outfits. Not Tesco prices, but they are beautiful.

yousaidit Tue 26-May-09 21:07:06

thanks everyone!

dilemma456 Tue 26-May-09 22:21:21

Message withdrawn

snickersnack Tue 26-May-09 22:40:04

They are so beautiful, aren't they? Am hoping by Christmas dd won't be too big to still enjoy dressing up, as there's no way I could justify spending that amount of money when there isn't a birthday or Christmas looming.

TheLadyEvenstar Sun 31-May-09 20:07:54

I have these....

probably not what you want though lol

janeite Sun 31-May-09 20:22:30

I made some for my dds when they were tinies. Took an old dress each that still fit but had got a bit too short and sewed a wide ribbin around the waist. Then sewed lots of ribbons in long streamers coming down from the waist-ribbon and just hanging free. made them wands and headbands to match with lots of tendrils of the same coloured ribbons.

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