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Distressing news

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JanZ Mon 28-Apr-03 16:14:02

A colleague of mine found out on Friday that her ds - only 19 - had just been killed in a car crash. This lady is the loveliest of people, who always has a smile and a warm word for you. Her two children, but particularly her son, were the centre of her life. He was her golden boy.

I only found out this morning - I'd left the office just before she was rung by the police (and told over the phone - how crass and insensitive can you get) - but even at the weekend I'd been commenting to dh while watching the film on the news of the wee child who had been burned in the arms dump explosion how, now that I'm a mother too, things like that distress me so much more.

Now that I'm a mum,I can only begin to start to understand how M must be feeling. And that's part of the horror of it - because I can begin to imagine how it must feel, and know that the reality must be infinitely worse.......

Apparently this lad skidded in the rain on Friday (first heavy rain for ages, so the roads were greasy) across the road into the path of another car and then head on into a wall. He and his friend were both killed instantly. The driver of the other car was in emergency surgery but is apparently now out of intensive care with two broken legs.

I can remember a year or so ago M's son had another accident and wrote off her Lexus and her distress then at how nearly she had lost him.

My eyes keep filling up when I think of how she must feel now - and what I would feel if anything happened to my ds.

sb34 Mon 28-Apr-03 16:30:10

Message withdrawn

mum2toby Mon 28-Apr-03 16:33:27

How awful Janz and sb34!!!! I couldn't imagine wanting to live if anything happened to my precious boy. Leaving this thread now coz I'm welling up at work. Going to go home and give ds lots of cuddles.

JanZ Tue 29-Apr-03 11:53:47

The funeral is on Friday. The announcement in the papers asked people to wear bright colours to the funeral "to celebrate the brightest of lives" - that is so like M to continue to be positive at this most depressing of times.

On behalf of the team I work with, I've arranged for a yellow azalea in a nice planter to be sent around. I know that M loves her garden, and the people at local garden centre (which I found on the Internet, as she lives on the other side of the country) have chosen one that looks good now as opposed to later on in May (apparently they all got involved - and someone actually knew who it was for, which I thought might happen, as it's not a large place). That way, it'll flower every year in celebration of his life.

My eyes still fill up every time I start talking about it.

Daffy Tue 29-Apr-03 14:43:48

Life is extremely cruel at times. Since becoming a Mum I have turned into the most soppiest of people and cry at the slightest thing to do with children, whether I know them or not, or even if it is only on a film. My eyes filled up whilst reading your posting.

Your friend has my deepest sympathy.

I think your idea of the azalea is very touching and a lovely thought.

I have two ds and now feel the need to give the one that is at home with me at the moment, a really big hug.

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