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WEST MIDDLESEX hospital ........ PARKING

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RTKangaMummy Thu 05-May-05 12:50:17

Any tips for parking at west middlessex hospital
Twickenham road

If you had to choose a time for an appointment there

What time would you choose to get best chance of parking

Am going to avoid 2 - 8 pm cos of visiting times

Any other tips as to which car park to use?

Anything really



georginars Thu 05-May-05 12:59:07

Had DD at West Mid in December. I have to say, with the new car parks they have now, I never had any trouble parking. Having said that am is probably a bit better, but when I went to see DH a couple of months ago in the afternoon I still didn't have a problem finding a space
The car park on the right as you go in is barriers & ticketed - pay at a pay station before you leave, in the car park or in the main hospital. To get in you have to drive right up past the main hospital building and then turn right into it. The one on the left by the maternity/womens bit is pay and display. So the right hand one is better if you only want to pay for as much time as you use - waiting times can be quite long at West Mid so if I ever used P&D I kept on having to waddle out and pay more.
Don't do what I did though (twice!) and get kept in with high blood pressure having driven there. DH won't drive the car and so it was in the ticketed bit for 3 days - ouch. At least the machine takes cards...Or have to call the AA for flat battery on first solo outing with bubba when he couldn't get out of the car park. oh, the fun I've had in the West Mid car parks....

georginars Thu 05-May-05 13:00:18

he being the AA man, not the bubba!

RTKangaMummy Thu 05-May-05 18:53:58


WOW you have had adventures in the car park haven't you

here is the map of hospital

Have just been rung by hospital and DH MRI is at 12.15 tomorrow

hana Thu 05-May-05 19:32:47

you could if you wanted to park at the back of the hospital for free - but a bit of a walk back to hospital. Also depending on the time, Amherst Gardens opposite the hospital is free but the spots get filled up pretty early. I always have a quick look before I drive nto carparks. (also had dd2 at west mid in december)
hi georginars - hows your little one, can you believe they are 4 months already???
good luck with appt kanga

RTKangaMummy Thu 05-May-05 19:54:10

Thanks hana will take a look

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