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Who is Cheaper - Tesco or Asda?

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LilMissy Wed 04-May-05 19:57:01

Sorry for this being random but i'm off to uni in September and am wondering which is cheaper so a)i have a clear idea and b) i can get a tesco clubcard if it is.

I realise this topic is gonna sound sooo weird but i'm from Jersey C.I and i don't have either over here to compare them.


WideWebWitch Wed 04-May-05 19:57:46

Feel sure it will be Asda but this is based on suspicion, not fact!

katzguk Wed 04-May-05 19:58:39

asda is cheaper but the quality is better at tesco so worth the extra few pence, fruit last the week from tesco but not from asda

katzguk Wed 04-May-05 19:59:19

have a look on the tesco website they have a price check thingy, might be the items you want are cheaper in tesco

Satine Wed 04-May-05 20:00:25

Asda, definitely - I can fill trolley to overflowing there and it never seems too bad. Haven't done exact price comparisons, though. Perhaps it's becasue Asda do such great own brand stuff? Plus their clothes are fantastic -I bought a pair of fabulous high heels last year for £20 - still look great and are the most comfortable heels I've got!

emmatmg Wed 04-May-05 20:00:29

my weekly shop is always cheaper in asda.

LilMissy Wed 04-May-05 20:00:46

thanks!! will do Katzguk

Heathcliffscathy Wed 04-May-05 20:02:18

asda asda asda. tescos always end up spending a fortune. i do asda for all branded and none fresh goods and waitrose for meat fruit and veg

ambrosia Wed 04-May-05 20:07:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juicychops Wed 04-May-05 20:19:07

ASDA beats them all

WestCountryLass Wed 04-May-05 20:41:37

I agree Ambrosa, Morrisons is the underdog and beats Asda and Tesco hands down!

jambo1707 Wed 04-May-05 20:57:17

Def Asda

Titania Wed 04-May-05 21:00:21

i used to shop at tescos and spend between 120-150 a week. I now go to asda and spend 75-95. We bought clothes for the kids as well the other week and i think it was still only 110 then!! I love asda! lol

AngelCakeUmm Wed 04-May-05 21:02:41

I used to shop in Asda and it was cheaper but i don't find the quality of food as good, i now shop at tesco's.

carras Wed 04-May-05 21:18:13

Defo Asda, Tesco always costs a small fortune whenever I venture there!

starshaker Wed 04-May-05 21:30:26

i shop in both and buy the offers so it works out cheaper my weekly shop is only about £40 im sure it will go up now as i cant resist buying dd clothes that i find 2 cute to resist and i love george clothes lol

Demented Wed 04-May-05 21:40:11

IMO ASDA is cheaper but I find Tesco fruit and veg irresistable and buy loads, particularly organic, so only go to Tesco if I am feeling flush.

Misspiggy Wed 04-May-05 21:44:06

oh Starshaker.....£40 pw??? Do you mind me asking how many you are shopping for? I spend at least £100 pw in Tescos for me, DH (who doesn't think its a meal without half a plateful of meat for dinner),DS 15 (eats like a horse - damn those teenage hormones!)and DS 9. It always horrifies me when I get to the checkout cos I don't buy booze or any other "luxury" items. We have a Morrisons near here as well but its only a small one and never that well stocked.

makealist Wed 04-May-05 21:45:53

Any shop has got to be cheaper than Checkers, isn't it lilMissy.

starshaker Thu 05-May-05 08:21:06

there is me dp and now alana. i will say that while i only spent about £40 in asda on tuesday i did spend £50 in mothercare and £45 in boots lol i cant help it i have a problem

fostermum Thu 05-May-05 08:39:59

yep another one for asda

Prettybird Thu 05-May-05 08:42:39

Get the tesco club card anyway fro wehn you do shop there - but find your local Lidl or Aldi and do as much shopping as you can there.

You'll be shocked at how little you spend! !

bibiboo Thu 05-May-05 15:48:28

Ourweekly shop is always cheaper at Asda - usually £40-£50pw, but I can easily spend upwards of £75 in Tesco.

purpleturtle Thu 05-May-05 15:52:17

I've done a weekly shop in Tesco today for £54 - including a CD I bought dh for Father's Day (while I thought about it)

Bugsy2 Thu 05-May-05 16:00:18

ASDA is definitely cheaper and its now part of WalMart, which you will recognise LilMissy.

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