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Looking for wedding favour suggestions please!

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blondissimo Mon 18-May-09 14:27:41

Need to think of an idea for wedding favours - ideally something a bit unusual. Also really don't want to spend a lot so the cheaper the better. I don't mind making them up myself. Just stumped as to what to have!

blondissimo Mon 18-May-09 14:29:14

Ooh also.........ideas for bridesmaids gifts? My sister gave me a white gold necklace when I was her bridesmaid and I've never worn it blush.

andiem Mon 18-May-09 14:30:32

try here they have some lovely wedding things

FruitynNutty Mon 18-May-09 14:31:02

I'd like some ideas too!
When are you getting married blondissimo?

smurfgirl Mon 18-May-09 14:33:15

We had crackers. Went down well, google wedding crackers and there are loads of companies.

IME edible is better but wedding favours are a bit unecessary really so if money is tight don't bother or do a pick and mix table.

ja9 Mon 18-May-09 14:34:56

we had squares of fudge or tablet (can't quite remember which) in lovely little card boxes. a single fancy choc would also be nice.

i agree though that if money is tight these could be ditched and no-one would proabbly notice...

domesticallychallenged Mon 18-May-09 14:36:11

Lottery tickets
Miniature bottles of perfume
Decorative stones/shells
Retro sweets

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 18-May-09 14:36:35

I have seen these before the small tins are £1.19 and you can get them in all flavours. A really great talking point for the table and everyone likes tea surely!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 18-May-09 14:39:15

And for the bridesmaids how about a pamper session just before the wedding? A massage or manicure.

Haylstones Mon 18-May-09 14:46:02

We made our own (well mum did)- we had little hessian bags that we filled with pot pourri and tied with ribbon- all easily home made, very cheap and looked fab. I hope lots of people still have them in their underwear drawer to this day (ok, 8 yeats ago but you never know)!
I recently made my brothers and had little white boxes with heart shaped chocs inside thentied with ribbon- all bought on Ebay and again very easy and cheap (whispers- but not as nice as mine!)

blondissimo Mon 18-May-09 14:54:07

Thanks all - I saw the wedding crackers in the cox and cox magazine this morning, but although lovely for the ladies, wasn't sure if the men would appreciate silver charms! Am thinking something with sweets...but not sure what - you know like jelly beans or milk bottles or some equally cheap sweeties. Not really that bothered if people can't keep them - just wanted to have something on the place settings.

blondissimo Mon 18-May-09 14:55:19

FruitynNutty - am getting married at the end of August. What about you?

FruitynNutty Mon 18-May-09 15:11:08

Sept 19th smile Some fab idea. I adore the Cox&Cox website!
The heart sugar cubes which hang on the side of the mugs are gorgeous.

stealthsquiggle Mon 18-May-09 15:17:24

I was going to say look at Cox&Cox and then work out how to make them yourself...

but really, if you are economising, you could skip favours completely and hardly anyone would notice.

We bought bridesmaids a single pearl on a thin gold chain each - not ludicrously expensive and they both said they would wear them...

clpsmum Mon 18-May-09 16:26:07

hi check out for all the things you mentioned also have a code for 10%off for you its mn09

Floopy21 Tue 26-May-09 10:14:26

A bulb/small plant potted in either a pretty pot or a plain terracotta one with a ribbon round the top lip? I've brought my bridesmaids pretty earrings (different to each other) that go with their dresses. It's coming round quick isn't it?! 8th august for me smile

namechangerforareason Thu 28-May-09 11:23:28

What about bath bombs from lush? Can buy in bulk and ask for a discount saying its for a wedding etc, just wrap them in nice tissue paper then cellophane or a wee mesh bag?

jrsqueak Thu 28-May-09 11:28:44

I got married the week before Easter so did chocolate Easter bunnies. Off ebay and those bracelets made from sweets - were a hit

ChocolateRabbit Thu 28-May-09 11:29:52

Mini tubes of love hearts in a little bowl on the table. Very popular.

funnypeculiar Thu 28-May-09 11:30:57

Flower seeds (something that goes with your colour scheme)? Could put into little boxes/bags to go further...

We had loveheart sweets in bowls rather than 'proper' favours

beanieb Thu 28-May-09 11:36:30

get these... fortune teller fish

I got the idea from here on snippet and Ink

or marmite hearts

I am having both!

We're also making a compilation CD (possibly breaking every copyright law in the country) for everyone.

beanieb Thu 28-May-09 11:44:53

also - this idea is nice.

You can get Glassine bags really cheaply on ebay and you can stuff them with sweets or other favours, then sew them at the top.

I was thinking of giving sunflower seeds in little bags for people to grow and also birdseed to throw at the ceremony (well afterwards!) as it's eco friendly and feeds the birds.

Rindercella Thu 28-May-09 11:49:37

I was going to suggest personalised cookies - this is what we did & they doubled as place names. But on searching, came across this website Esp like the personalised fortune cookies idea.

namechangerforareason Thu 28-May-09 12:32:52

what about personalised love hearts?

Does no-one do sugared almonds anymore?! I love getting them at weddings but it seems to be jellybeans and other assorted items these days sad

We made our favours in one night. Got all the "girls" round (bridesmaids/sisters/mothers/best mates) and set up a chain of workers to make them ie one person set the almonds in the trays, the next placed them on the nets, next one banded them etc. Lots of wine and gossip and a fab night! All done a lot cheaper than I thought too

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