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meals for foreign students

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noddyholder Wed 04-May-05 17:40:50

I have taken the plunge and am having some foreign students I have to give them an eveningmeal which I don't mind but what?They are all different nationalities the 1st 2 are czech girls.So any ideas for cheapish but healthy meals that they will eat They are all aged 15 to 19

KateandtheGirls Wed 04-May-05 17:45:02

Why wouldn't you give them the same thing you and your family are having?

pabla Wed 04-May-05 17:45:17

Maybe the first night give them something which is typically British as a sort of welcome to this country? (don't know what!) and then find out if they like pasta, stir fries, etc.

collision Wed 04-May-05 17:47:25

Roast chicken
Roast potatoes
Cauliflower Cheese

Apple pie and custard.


bundle Wed 04-May-05 17:49:44

you could do wrap things - with strips of chicken & spices, plus bowls of peppers, mushrooms etc as well as sour cream, guacamole and salsa

noddyholder Thu 05-May-05 08:29:43


Ameriscot2005 Thu 05-May-05 08:32:51

Pasta with lots of fresh veggies.

stitch Thu 05-May-05 08:35:27

first check they are not vegetarian, or have any allergies etc. also some may not eat pork.
the first evening do something special.
thereafter just do whatever the rest of the family is having.
and well done, i would like to, but dh is dead set against the idea.

noddyholder Thu 05-May-05 08:50:06

I am saving the money for a really nice holiday and ds is an only child and can't wait to have more people in the house soshould be ok thanks for your ideas

WestCountryLass Thu 05-May-05 12:06:48

I would do roast beef and yorkshire pudding and apple crumble and custard, very British

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