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dd1 is very upset

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misdee Wed 04-May-05 16:23:08

poor luv has come home from school very miserable. she wants to see her daddy, but grandma has already left and will be practically at the hospital by now, and i went this morning to visit. its times like this i wish i could drive already.

starlover Wed 04-May-05 16:29:08

awww bless. why not distract her by getting her to make him something for when she nexts sees him
a nice card perhaps?

Yorkiegirl Wed 04-May-05 16:30:07

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 04-May-05 16:34:39

have rung him but she wouldnt talk just kept sobbing. have distracted her with food atm, but will get the girls to draw pics before bed to take tomorrow.

LemonDrizzle Wed 04-May-05 16:47:32

poor thing, I've no suggestions I'm sorry. I can just imagine that it must be awful for you and her

Leogaela Wed 04-May-05 21:13:48

big hugs for all your girls Misdee.

How are the driving lessons going?

misdee Wed 04-May-05 21:15:11

weaiting for BSM to contact me about arranging lessons. they have 2 weeks left lol. family fund are paying for 39 lessons.

dd1 is going tomorrow afternoon.

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