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Sorry, Stupid Question!!!

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Pancake Sun 27-Apr-03 09:51:20

I'm feeling really stupid here but I've started my first period post birth and finishing breastfeeding (and typically the day before I have to go back to work)! I'm getting differing advice as to whether I can use tampax or not. Some people are saying I should wait 3 months before using them whereas others are saying it's fine to use them. What do you all think?

whymummy Sun 27-Apr-03 10:14:09

hi pancake,i used sanitary towels as i believe everything should come out and tampax not always do that,just for the first weeks at least!

SoupDragon Sun 27-Apr-03 10:17:07

It's fine to use them for periods, just not for the post birth bleeding.

Moomin Sun 27-Apr-03 12:07:13

Tampons are worse for harbouring any infections, but as long as there were no complications post partum, you should be OK. I didn't actually feel conformtable using tampons for a little while after - about 3 or 4 months -for the same reason as whymummy, I suppose.

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