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Where is best place to give a bed away to?

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Hulababy Mon 02-May-05 19:08:51

My new bed should arrive in the next week or two.

That means I have to tie up getting rid of my old bed. This is a decent, good condition metal framed double bed (quite modern). It does come apart and puts together again easily.

I really don't want to take it to the tip, etc and I don't want anything for it.

I have tried on here but no takers for it.

So, any ideas of who I can give it away too - but who will come and collect it.

Can places like refuges, etc. accept them?

Tinker Mon 02-May-05 19:09:41

Don't teh Salvation Army take things like this?

hunkermunker Mon 02-May-05 19:10:10

Can you ring your local council? Councils often take things away like fridges, beds, etc. Do they have a website?

Hulababy Mon 02-May-05 19:11:36

Ooh - we have a Salvation rmy place at top of road. But would they need a double bed?

Council is a thought but they would charge to take it away - and I would rather not have to, eespecially if I am giving away a perfectly good bed away for free!

LIZS Mon 02-May-05 19:13:05

Phone your local council - they may be able to give you a list of charities who might pick it up. Ours did for a fridge/freezer although it was a hassle getting the collection organised. Do you need to dispose of the mattress too as that really may be more complicated as regards hygiene and fire regulations.

Otherwise would your potential purchaser consider buying it , if the property is a buy to let anyway ?

Hulababy Mon 02-May-05 19:14:58

Our buyer doesn't need it. Thought of that

The mattress can just go downstairs with the rubbish - advantages of living in a big apartment complex The wardrobes (not good enough to give away!) are beeing broken up and going there too!

hunkermunker Mon 02-May-05 19:16:23

You could place an ad on

Hulababy Mon 02-May-05 19:18:15

Will look at that, although seems to be just London. I am in Sheffield.

roisin Mon 02-May-05 19:18:18

Try under 'recycling' in the yellow pages: ours has a couple of furniture ones. (They collect stuff for free, refurbish it if necessary, then it goes to 'good causes'.)

hunkermunker Mon 02-May-05 19:18:45

HB, don't listen to me - I know nothing!

JanH Mon 02-May-05 19:18:57

Sally Army should jump at it; they keep stores of furniture for people who've had fires or other domestic crises. Our local churches combine to do a similar thing. Defo try SA first and even if they don't want it they should know someone who will.

Surfermum Mon 02-May-05 19:19:11

Yes, the Salvation Army would take it. When I worked in a mental health team our workers used to need furniture for clients who were setting up homes, and they often got some from the Salvation Army. You could try ringing Social Services too as they might know local charities who would take it. Or what about the free ads?

Hulababy Mon 02-May-05 19:21:30

Thanks, once we have a delivery date for our new one I will ring some of these. Just don't want to dump it - like someone to get use out of it.

We gave DD's bedside cot to a women's refuge as we couldn't get a buyer for it and had no where to store it. But I guess refuges don't need a double bed.

pesme Mon 02-May-05 19:22:08

You could try freecycle if there is one up and running near you. freecycle

Tinker Mon 02-May-05 19:23:08

A women's refuge might. They might offer it to a woman who was leaving and starting afresh

SaintGeorge Mon 02-May-05 19:23:18

Freecycle Sheffield

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