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Cocoons in my attic WTF?!!!

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charliecat Sun 01-May-05 21:06:37

Hust found 2 bigger than an inch big cocoons in my attic....any ideas? im totally freaked out and need to KNOW! They are creamy in colour.

debs26 Sun 01-May-05 21:09:22

if they are slightly furry with lttle black dots they could be spider egg sacs. post a photo im sure someone will know then

JanH Sun 01-May-05 21:10:47

Do you mean an inch long or wide (eek)?

charliecat Sun 01-May-05 21:14:05

wide and long!!!!
trying to get photo together now

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 01-May-05 21:18:51

Wow, thats impressive.

Have you searched the net?

JanH Sun 01-May-05 21:18:57

wasp nest eek!

JanH Sun 01-May-05 21:19:41

it seems cruel but I would spray it with fly spray (right inside).

SaintGeorge Sun 01-May-05 21:20:32

I wouldn't spray it with anything - if it is wasps you might just aggravate them and cause yourself a bigger problem. Find out what it is before you take any action.

charliecat Sun 01-May-05 21:21:14

really...a wasp nest for just a few...?

charliecat Sun 01-May-05 21:22:20

have added a couple more piccys

SaintGeorge Sun 01-May-05 21:24:01

Ohh yeah, in that 2nd pic it does look like a wasp or maybe a hornets nest.

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 01-May-05 21:24:13

Aren't wasps nests bigger?

SaintGeorge Sun 01-May-05 21:25:24

For comparison:

wasp nest

hornets nest

charliecat Sun 01-May-05 21:26:00

even though its only 1.5 inches big?...this is much less worrying than the giant beast I had imagined

charliecat Sun 01-May-05 21:26:54

id half say it was a hornets nest...they are should I NOW what do I do?

JanH Sun 01-May-05 21:27:33

We had one in the shed last year (right above the door, just above our heads); DH insisted on knocking the nest, with mum in it (they are wonderful mums ) into a tupperware box and taking it away and putting it elsewhere; the mum shot out of the box straight back to the shed where the nest had been, buzzed about for a bit in a state of confusion and then disappeared.

If you leave it you will have lots of wasps in a couple of months.

baka Sun 01-May-05 21:29:29

call a pest controller- there are loads in the yelllow pages. When we had a wasps nest we found a local guy who came, squirted some stuff in th enst and they were gone within hours. Don't use rentokil- they're twoice the price.

SaintGeorge Sun 01-May-05 21:29:44

Well I'd leave it to a nice Pest Control bloke to sort out - but then I'm a wimp when anything small and stripey is concerned, especially when the stripes are yellow and black

SaintGeorge Sun 01-May-05 21:31:41

Try ringing your council Pest Control office - although you'll have to wait until Tuesday. They can advise you as to what it is, you can maybe even email them the pics. If it is wasps or whatever the council might be cheaper than a private firm if it needs removal.

whymummy Sun 01-May-05 21:33:13

we also had one in the shed,dh filled a jar with water and got the nest inside the quicly closed it,we watched the nest desintegrate in the water and there was one wasp and what it look like lots of little larvae,eeeeeek,this year we have rats instead in the shed,aaaaargh!

jamiesam Sun 01-May-05 21:34:23

Uuurghhh - so not some cocoon for creating mini-me imposter type arrangement - I was thinking Donald Sutherland film, oh you must know...

Try your Council for a quote - just checked ours, £39 (plus £13 per extra nest, not sure if you have one or three) for wasps nests. Rats and bed bugs are free though

JanH Sun 01-May-05 21:35:58

Honestly, cc, it is a tiny nest with a few larvae in it, spray it with flyspray, and if the mummy happens to be there at the same time you will get her too and spare her the despair of losing her babies. (And you will save yourself £39.)

JanH Sun 01-May-05 21:37:13

Or else do what whymummy did if you are really sadistic

whymummy Sun 01-May-05 21:38:41

LOL jahn,nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing wasps die

astonished Sun 01-May-05 21:39:47

Lol misread your title and thought you meant racoons!!

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