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anyone had 2 different pregnancys?

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charleepeters Fri 29-Apr-05 20:46:48

Hi dh and i have decided to try for another bubby but im nervous i had 9 months of pure hell in hospital for most of them with ds whats the chances of it happening again, i had severe blood clots on my lungs, pre eclapmsea (sorry about spelling) bad sickness althrough and many bladder infections all i was hospitalised for im just scared it couldhappen again anyone had 2 completley different pregnancys?

coppertop Fri 29-Apr-05 20:54:49

Yes my 2 pregnancies were both very different.

Ds1 - throwing up several times a day, high blood pressure that meant I had to have bp profiles and extra scans. A loooong labour to finish up with.

Ds2 - some nausea but was only sick once in the entire pregnancy. Entirely problem-free except for needing extra scans to make sure he wasn't as big as his brother was.

charleepeters Fri 29-Apr-05 20:56:54

ok thnaks i know i couldnt bare it if it was like last time especially now with ds to look after hes only 8 months but hopefully fingers crossed i should be fine this time, anymore storys would be helpfull ta x

feelingold Fri 29-Apr-05 21:41:22

I had two completely different pregnancies too.
dd- 6 months of sickness (so bad had to be signed off work sick for most of time), sciatica, put on lots of weight, high blood pressure leading to being induced. Very very very long labour, needed stitches, lost a lot of blood and long recovery period.
ds- Sick just once, nausea for couple of weeks, much less weight gain, worked up to 36 weeks no problem but still had to be induced cos went 2 weeks overdue. Much easier labour, no stitches, much quicker recovery and quicker weight loss.

expressmummy Fri 29-Apr-05 21:43:36

ive had 2 pgs the same but this time im only five weeks and already its totaly different my boobs hurt im really tired im feeling hungry and sick through out the day so my dh is hoping this is a girl but i think i would like another ds

jambo1707 Fri 29-Apr-05 21:54:48

With ds1 i was in hospital from 20 weeks, threatening labour, heavy bleeding, waters breaking. It was a stressful time and i did begin to worry incase I lost him

Thankfully he was born at 37 weeks weighing 4lb 10oz but the whole experience was so traumatic.

When he was 18 months I discovered I was expecting again was shocked but gutted when i found out it was twins, I would not swap them for the world now though they are so precious.

The twin pregnancy was superb felt great ate for scotland unlike last time, but i did deliver at 29 weeks which was a shocker as all was going well. Boys are doing great though but I would not repeat another pregnancy purely because my body cant cope- mentaly either i suppose

Linnet Fri 29-Apr-05 22:42:47

Mine were the other way round.

My first pregnancy was a breeze no problems whatsoever. Labour and birth went a bit pershaped but nothing to major but enough to put me off having another baby for 6 years.

My second pregnancy wasn't so good. first scan threw up markers for a chromosome disorder which followed an almost CVS, didn't get done because baby was in wrong position, followed by an Amnio which came back fine. then we had to go to Glasgow so the baby could have a heart scan again all fine in the end. Then they discovered my platelets were too low so I had to have monthly blood tests.
But after all that and going a week overdue I had a fantastic quick natural labour and now have a healthy happy little girl who's almost 1 year old.

I'm not having any more babies. the second pregnancy has really put me off. Funnily enough I didn't experience any morning sickness with either of my pregnancies.

jamiesam Fri 29-Apr-05 22:50:50

Hi - nothing to compare to your experience , charleepeters. I had pretty straighforward pg with ds1 and tiny bit of morning sickness with ds2. But I was advised to wait 12 months after having ds1 (by cs) to let body recover - wonder if after your marathon, you ought to do the same? (By the way, I did wait EXACTLY 12 months! Condoms off on Ds1 first birthday

handlemecarefully Fri 29-Apr-05 23:00:13

Yes. I didn't have a nightmare pregnancy like yours though for either of them so I don't know how relevent my experience is to you.

Pregnancy no 1 - very bad pregnancy sickness. Lost weight during 1st and 2nd trimester because there were days I couldn't eat a thing. Otherwise healthy

Pregnancy no 2 - no pregnancy sickness at all. But suffered from chronic sinusitus which cleared up when the baby was born.

Mirage Sat 30-Apr-05 08:43:06

Yes,mine were completely different.With dd,now 19 months,I never felt remotely queasy,wasn't sick,ate like there was no tomorrow & went from 8st to 12st+.In fact,if it wasn't for the weight gain,I'd not have known I was pg.Very quick & straightforward labour & birth.

I'm 35 wks with this baby & it has been different.I had no symptoms at all until 7wks,when I started to feel really sick,but luckily never was.I have put on a stone in weight,had horrible indegestion/heartburn,had varicose veins appear in my armpit of all places,thrush & the worst mood swings ever.I don't know if this one is a boy!

The only thing I've had with both pregnancies,is unexplained bleeds.

charleepeters Sat 30-Apr-05 14:29:18

thansk for all your help i hope im gonna be ok this time but even if im not its worth it int he end!

piffle Sat 30-Apr-05 14:54:04

yes perfect easy with ds
nightmare with dd - hyperemesis to 7 mths, suspected obstetric cholestasis - constane anxiety, tiredness, exhaustion, oedema
I'm ttc no 3 and worry also, pls may I be given a ds1 type pg!!!!
Good luck charlee

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