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Perfume-do you love it or hate it?

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layla Wed 23-Apr-03 16:51:19

All the women in my family love perfume and have lots of it.I'm the odd one out as I only have 1 bottle of the Body Shop white musk which I have been wearing for years now.I'm very fussy about the smell of perfume but now think I'd like a change.I've found one I really like the smell of,Stilla's Creme Bouquet.
Have you been wearing the same scent for years and what's your favourite?Or do you just hate it?

mum2toby Wed 23-Apr-03 16:55:10

White Musk is gorgeous....

I love Contradiction too
And Moschino
And Cerruti 1881

...... actually I'm not fussed. I love perfume!!

Flippa Wed 23-Apr-03 17:00:31

I am traditional at heart and love Chanel No 5 and Coco but also like Eternity for during the day. Favorite ever is Joy (Jean Patou)

whymummy Wed 23-Apr-03 17:03:22

i love j`adore and anais-anais because it reminds me of my first holiday with db now dh

WideWebWitch Wed 23-Apr-03 17:07:02

Yuk, White Musk! I once had a boyfriend who was shagging his old girlfriend and seeing me and I knew it when he came home smelling of White Musk so it's the smell of treachery for me! I love Chanel No 5 (soooo unoriginal) and have worn it since I was 16 but I've just run out.

Meid Wed 23-Apr-03 17:12:34

Mmmmm Chanel No 5 has to be my fav too, but unfortunately it just doesn't smell on me
Isn't it funny how some purfumes do that?
I wear Eternity now, have done for years.

Body Shop White Musk reminds me of school/college days when the whole class used to wear it! Well, apart from the boys (I think).

mum2toby Wed 23-Apr-03 17:14:09

Oh meid, so true! At school my best friend had the body spray, perfume, deoderant.... everything in fact! It was a white musk fest'!

LadyP Wed 23-Apr-03 17:26:57

What about Dewberry? That was the alternative to White Musk in my school.

My favourite perfume is Gucci Envy - the only piece of Gucci I own

Dahlia Wed 23-Apr-03 17:31:22

Smitty was the 'in' fragrance when I was at school. God, how to show your age. I absolutely love Calandre by Paco Rabanne - its discontinued now but I found a lovely company that sells discontinued perfume at cheap rates. They are fab.
Is Body Shop White Musk nice then? Someone bought me a gift set for my birthday and I haven't opened it yet.

SoupDragon Wed 23-Apr-03 17:31:32

Oooh - I hate White Musk. I used to love it then suddenly the scent turned all chemically to my nose (even just sniffing the bottles in the shop so it wasn't a reaction to my skin.

I'm getting back into perfume, love CK One and am currently using a cheap bottle of "spirit of moonflower" from the Bodyshop.

I can't stand the perfume department in stores though!!

doormat Wed 23-Apr-03 18:15:37

I love white musk. It has to be the oil from the Body Shop.

layla Wed 23-Apr-03 18:17:31

Gosh have I been wearing it that long,I've got a feeling it was a school thing too.My sister was a big fan of the Dewberry for a long time.I think she got fed up with people buying it her all the time in the end.
Dahlia try it it's gorgeous.I like it because after a while you can't smell it on yourself but everyone else can still smell it.That's why I don't like a lot of strong perfume because it smells so strong under my nose when I'm wearing it.I prefer sweet smelling scent that's why I've gone for the Stilla one as it just reminds me of vanilla.Why would anyone want to smell like vanilla I hear you say??

edgarcat Wed 23-Apr-03 18:32:05

Message withdrawn

Bobbins Wed 23-Apr-03 18:58:20

Yippee. My new keyboard has arrived and I now have BROADBAND...whoopee

Bad news is, I've got an interview to prepare for tomorrow morning, so I should...MOVE AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD

Paul Smith for women. Gucci Envy. Coco Chanel. I always love Calvin Klein's Obsession too, got a bottle but too scared to wear it because i think people think its too strong and naff.

Just got a sample of Angel by Thierry Mugler...ever so expensive, but I'm really not sure about it, smaells just simply of vanilla to me.

I love perfume.


Tinker Wed 23-Apr-03 19:04:09

I love, love, LOVE perfume. The stronger and sweeter the smell the better! Used to OD with Poison and Opium in my late teens/early 20's.

Far more classy now () Love Coco, Dolce Vita and Champagne which, I think, is now called something else.

Don't really like light melon-y types (Fleur d'Interdit?), got to be really heady and musky!!!

grommit Wed 23-Apr-03 19:08:14

Dahlia - SMITTY! How you bring back memories - I always got the perfume and talc set for Christmas.

WideWebWitch Wed 23-Apr-03 19:51:09

Charlie, anyone for bringing back memories?

Dahlia Wed 23-Apr-03 20:23:19

Tweed, A Touch of Class, Imprevu, Just Musk, Charlie, I had them all! And my brothers had Denim, Brut, Old Spice and High Karate. God, we were refined.

whymummy Wed 23-Apr-03 20:46:28

WWW my best friend used to wear charlie when we were 9 or 10 and i recently found it in boots had a smell and it brought back lots of childhood memories

WideWebWitch Wed 23-Apr-03 20:55:20

My first ever perfume, bought for me by first ever proper boyfriend, was Je R'eviens (sp?) by Worth. Vile stuff but it made me feel very grown up! I caught a whiff of a revolting after shave recently which was very popular in the 80s, it was in a roundish dark purple bottle, sickly sweet, can anyone remember the name? It came back to me in the middle of the night a while back and I've forgotten it again. Dahlia, Tweed! I rememember that too! Tinker, the smell of Opium evokes a particular time for me ditto Georgio Beverley Hills (which was banned in some restaurants for being too strong). Ahh, memories of being younger, how lovely! Youth Dew will forever remind me of a boyfriend's mum too.

prufrock Wed 23-Apr-03 21:08:29

I currently have five bottles of perfume on the go. CKOne and CKBe for light, fresh days, Chanel no 19 for when I want to be sophisticated (though it takes more than perfume) dunhill for when dh is away and I want to smell him in bed, and L'artisans parfumerie Le Mechant Loup, whcih is my absolute fave. But I have to save it for special occasions as I only have a little left, and the only place that apparently stocks it is Voyage - and I'm not trendy enough to go there. My mum has worn Lanvin Arpege since she was 16, and it always reminds me of her.

Nutjob Wed 23-Apr-03 21:13:40

My mum told me once that a woman she knew when she was little ALWAYS wore the same perfume, and whenever she smelt it, was reminded of her. I always rather liked that idea, but my trouble is I like to many of them, and cannot decide which one is THE one. However, I do love 'Allure' by Chanel, I wore it on my wedding day, and it always brings back memories!!! As for aftershaves, I do love 'Cool Water', can't remember who makes it though!!

prufrock Wed 23-Apr-03 21:19:55


Nutjob Wed 23-Apr-03 21:23:26

Oh yeah - that's right!!!! Thanks Pruforck. I think they now do a woman's version of it, although haven't smelt it myself. It's not the same loitering round the perfume counters with the children in tow!!

Ghosty Wed 23-Apr-03 21:25:19

CKone and Oui by Lancome are my two.
The first perfume I was ever given by a boyfriend was Rive Gauche ... did like it a lot but then was put off by a woman who I used to nanny for, whom I use to hate, who used to shower in the stuff!

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