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The Flat's on the Market and I am having another Madame Bovary Moment

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ks Wed 23-Apr-03 14:04:51

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Wed 23-Apr-03 14:08:07

Message withdrawn

Marina Wed 23-Apr-03 14:10:57

Is somewhere like Sutton unsuitable? It *is* Surrey but very much commuter belt and urban too, and I have a colleague who manages to survive there without going round the twist. The schools are good apparently - mind you, he has girls.
Don't even contemplate Emma's final solution, mumsnet needs you...

edgarcat Wed 23-Apr-03 14:11:53

Message withdrawn

Marina Wed 23-Apr-03 14:17:36

Nearby, I think edgarcat...but that shouldn't put ks off too much. I live in the race-hate-murder-capital of London, worse luck, but it hasn't turned me into a racist yet, luckily.
Now go and wash your bedlinen

edgarcat Wed 23-Apr-03 14:19:55

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Wed 23-Apr-03 14:22:28

Message withdrawn

gingernut Wed 23-Apr-03 14:25:34

edgarcat - you can have mine for a bit if you are pining. He is quite interesting . Could you take the swab for me and do the eye drops please?

Sorry, off thread topic - no advice really ks.

edgarcat Wed 23-Apr-03 14:31:21

Message withdrawn

whymummy Wed 23-Apr-03 14:32:23

i do edgarcat!glad i`m not the only one
ks i live in surrey and don`t worry about everyone knowing you i`ve been here 5 years and i still don`t know many people

edgarcat Wed 23-Apr-03 14:35:37

Message withdrawn

whymummy Wed 23-Apr-03 14:37:45

nooo ,i meant the looking for mumsnetters in the park

i must get a life i know!!

ks Wed 23-Apr-03 14:53:10

Message withdrawn

winnie1 Wed 23-Apr-03 15:30:43

KS, you don't seem dithery at all. You seem to know exactly what you want it's just not what dp wants

No advice but as I am very distracted looking for new home too. I want to live in a city but moving thirteen year old from school just seems selfish & unfair when we could stay in the same old market town we live in now and that drives me crazy with boredom!!!

(I'm not helping much am I? Sorry!)

MABS Wed 23-Apr-03 15:42:50

KS - i'm sure they've got a Second Chance dress agency in Lewes....sure you can't reconsider? Is Brighton definitely off now? Good luck.

LadyP Wed 23-Apr-03 15:47:21


Move to suburbia. I know it sounds like a nightmare, but it's ok really. In theory, ti is the best of both worlds, country-fied parts and urban slots.

Wallington and Carshalton Beeches rule!

Sutton is still ok, though

Marina, do you live around Greenwich, Eltham, Bermondsey way?

Lil Wed 23-Apr-03 16:05:46

Guildford is the only place to be in Surrey, city amenities with country all around.

No scarey in-breeding either!

Batters Wed 23-Apr-03 16:11:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lil Wed 23-Apr-03 16:28:43

I agree with you Batters about Sutton. Its one of those towns with loadsa shops but they are all naff, cheap and nasty - not a decent name amongst them. And like you say lots of teenage gangs...not sure what its got going for it as its not even next to the country..oh yes its got the train links, I forgot!

ks Wed 23-Apr-03 16:33:24

Message withdrawn

LadyP Wed 23-Apr-03 17:01:38

Ok, granted that Sutton is not the GREATEST place in the world, but I thought all London suburbs had roaming gangs of teenagers. I know Epsom does.

However, I do agree about the shops; not very good.

I won't have a word said against Wallington, though! Apart from the fact that there are gangs of pensioners that roam the streets

LadyP Wed 23-Apr-03 17:03:28

Actually, don't think Epsom is a London borough, is it?

WideWebWitch Wed 23-Apr-03 17:04:35

Ks, the way I'm feeling about the countryside today DON'T DO IT!!! Want to swap houses for a month to get the idea? It's tedious beyond belief sometimes...

ks Wed 23-Apr-03 18:00:13

Message withdrawn

Marina Wed 23-Apr-03 19:06:55

LadyP, Eltham it is. And like others have suggested, the gangs of teenagers in baseball hats seem to be everywhere these days - we have lots of them.
I think my colleague's local station is Cheam...
Have always fancied the look of Guildford on way through to visit friends in Cranleigh. Which latter village *looks* nice but I have a feeling is exactly the sort of place where your business is everyone else's. Guildford looks like it has nice shops, Dapdune Wharf, good theatre...
Ks, have you read Posy Simmonds' Gemma Bovery? Perhaps you could consider moving to Northern France (as recommended by Kent County Council the other day) and dh could commute on the Eurostar? You know it makes sense!

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