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hunkermunker Thu 28-Apr-05 21:29:57

Does anyone believe a word Michael Howard says?

Or Tony Bliar for that matter?

misdee Thu 28-Apr-05 21:31:07

i just dont listen.

RTKangaMummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:31:30

no way slimy little man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QueenEagle Thu 28-Apr-05 21:34:24

hunkermunker - was that a Freudian slip on your first post I wonder!!! [grin}

Tony Bliar!

hunkermunker Thu 28-Apr-05 21:36:41

Nope, was purposeful. I even toyed with whether or not to write it. Then I thougth buggrit and posted. Much as always, really

I want someone to ask Bliar why they've not ousted Mugabe if they only wanted rid of Saddam because he was a howwid chap.

RTKangaMummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:38:35

I don't think Howard would have done any different though do you?

RTKangaMummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:39:07

HM I think oil has alot to do with it

velcrobott Thu 28-Apr-05 21:39:52

What about Kennedy? I thought he was quite good...

RTKangaMummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:40:25

I think they are really as bad as each other

hunkermunker Thu 28-Apr-05 21:41:34

Oh, I believe Kennedy I loved his response to who he wanted to see as PM

No, I don't think MH would've done anything differently - and I do think that TB would be saying just the same things to MH now.

RTKM - yes, tis all oil-related, whatever Bliar and the chimp-in-charge say

hunkermunker Thu 28-Apr-05 21:41:55

Deffo not brill

RTKangaMummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:44:41


Why can't they just tell the truth and stop slagging each other off????????

I could deffo not cope with looking at the slimy little man MH as PM though and his slimy grin

I don't personally trust any of them

RTKangaMummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:45:57

Yes CK saying CK as quick was funny

hunkermunker Thu 28-Apr-05 21:46:51

They say that children need to be well-behaved and disciplined, then have million-pound poster campaigns slagging each other off

The picture that Bliar's painting is one of a super UK with fantastic services - does he think we're blind/deaf/stupid?

hunkermunker Thu 28-Apr-05 21:47:31

CK's the most human - Bliar is made of plastic. MH is like a scary church verger who 'hovers' meaningfully. I think he smells of mothballs.

hunkermunker Thu 28-Apr-05 21:48:10

Feck on a stick - Bliar knows NOTHING!

hunkermunker Thu 28-Apr-05 21:52:15

Doesn't sound like he wants Gordon Brown to be PM...

Nice question re top-up fees now...

RTKangaMummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:52:17

The whole time MH answers a question saying labour have done it wrong

How is it supposed to teach our children respect???????

JulieF Thu 28-Apr-05 21:52:28

Can't beleive that Blair doesn;t know the stupid system of booking Dr's appointments that everyone has to put up with at the moment.

Heathcliffscathy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:52:45

blair really really is a spitting image puppet....he is awful. why did i ever believe in him

Heathcliffscathy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:53:24

...'if you're a woman and you stop working to raise a family'....oh right, only women do that do they?

snafu Thu 28-Apr-05 21:53:50

rofl @ scary church verger! Why does he keep licking his lips?

'I won't hurt you, children.'

JulieF Thu 28-Apr-05 21:54:05

Hate to say it but the more he talks the more I feel inclined towards the conservatives as the lesser of two evils. Really like CK but fundamentally disagree with a couple of the LibDems policies.

hunkermunker Thu 28-Apr-05 21:54:14

Sophable, I just said to DH "Bliar's looking more and more like a caricature"! PMSL!

He's talking sh*te about top-up fees now.

And "with the greatest of respect" means 'piss off, student tosser', doesn't it?

hunkermunker Thu 28-Apr-05 21:54:42

Snafu - hello twin

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