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Help to find a mother and toddler group.

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marne Thu 28-Apr-05 20:15:23

Does anybody know where i can find out where my loccal mother and todler group is? Is there a way i can find out on the net, i have tried google but no luck. I live in west dorset. Any advice please?

marne Thu 28-Apr-05 20:21:30


Surfermum Thu 28-Apr-05 20:26:01

Hi Marne. I'm in Broadstone. Poole Borough Council have a Children's Information Service and they sent me a leaflet with all the local groups. Maybe your equivalent, wherever that is, will have the same, or perhaps the people in Poole can tell you who to contact?

tiffini Thu 28-Apr-05 20:26:16

they dont tend to advertise, your HV may have a list, otherwise it is just word of mouth.

mancmum Thu 28-Apr-05 20:30:05

i found local library and HV best for this info

pootlepod Thu 28-Apr-05 20:30:30

Try here or here thought the information on these sites depend on the area.

Also check out the church noticeboards in your area, a lot of groups are run as part of their outreach work.

fee77 Thu 28-Apr-05 20:31:07

Check out netmums (can't do links) they have lists of whats on in the local area, or ask at the library, doctors, health clinic.

LIZS Thu 28-Apr-05 20:31:12

Local library or look at church noticeboards ?
or this site has listings for which you can search by postcode for playgroups, childminders, nurseries and Toddler groups, although may not be comprehensive.

LIZS Thu 28-Apr-05 20:34:38

oops posts crossed !

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