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What waist size is a size 10 or 12???

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nutcracker Thu 28-Apr-05 19:30:33

Topshop have some jeans in their online sale but i have no idea what waist a 10 is, although saying that i may need a 12.

psychomum5 Thu 28-Apr-05 19:34:26

I have some Moto jeans from Topshop and they are a size 10. It tells me on the tag that they are waist sz 28, euro size 38.

hth......and ooh, where is the online sale, is it just on a topshop webpage????

nutcracker Thu 28-Apr-05 19:35:48

yep it is on the topshop page, thanks

noddyholder Thu 28-Apr-05 19:35:54

10 is 28 12 is 30

spacegrantham Thu 28-Apr-05 19:39:52

a ten or 12 is approx 30 inch waist

psychomum5 Thu 28-Apr-05 19:40:21

thankyou...will go have a squizz!!

lou33 Thu 28-Apr-05 19:43:50

am a size ten, weigh 8st 9 and am 5ft 6, if that helps to compare?

NomDePlume Thu 28-Apr-05 19:45:11

It should tell you on the Topshop size guide help page.

psychomum5 Thu 28-Apr-05 19:48:44

Fab's great looking at stuff like thiis without having to fight thro many women with a whingy toddler yelling mummy at you every 10secs!!!!

Really could get far to used to this online shopping lark!

nutcracker Thu 28-Apr-05 19:59:29

I can't find the topshop size page, where is it ???

nutcracker Thu 28-Apr-05 20:04:15

and should i go for the 10 or the 12 ???

I have a pair of topshop jeans that are a 10 and very snug BUT i am currently on a diet and would actually cry if i had to buy a 12.

NomDePlume Thu 28-Apr-05 20:05:27

Oh, they've changed the site since I was last on there Sorreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

psychomum5 Thu 28-Apr-05 20:09:27

I'd still go for the size 10 if I were you. I have jeans that over time have shrunk slightly and are now snugger than they used to be, making me feel like I am gaining weight (well, to be honest I have a little, but not that much IYKWIM). I still get into the same size in new stuff....especially jeans from topshop and next. Mind you, I am a jeans last count I had 19 pairs....may just get to 20 as those topshop jeans look rather nice

nutcracker Thu 28-Apr-05 20:10:24

No prob, think i'll just go for 28 waist 30 length and cross me fingers

Blossomhill Thu 28-Apr-05 20:10:49

Where, where, where?????

nutcracker Thu 28-Apr-05 20:11:47

they are out of stock in that size

nutcracker Thu 28-Apr-05 20:12:51

and in a 12

psychomum5 Thu 28-Apr-05 20:13:14

just type topshop into google and it's there. I would post a link but I am completely pootah illiterate and have no idea how!!

psychomum5 Thu 28-Apr-05 20:14:10


Guess I won't be getting to 20prs then after least not tonight I won't be!!!!

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