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turning up trousers

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mckenzie Thu 28-Apr-05 16:44:13

I need to turn up some of DS's new trousers, hopefully with a view to letting them down again if his legs grow before his waist.
Would I be better off using Wonderweb or somehting similar or should I just tack them perhaps? or stitch just twice by the seams?

I'm no good at all with needle and cotton etc so would appreciate some advice froms omeone who is.

thanks in advance.

mckenzie Thu 28-Apr-05 19:07:09


Hausfrau Thu 28-Apr-05 19:09:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jangly Thu 28-Apr-05 19:22:03

I've always found the only successful way is to let down the shop hem down, leavng the oversewing on the edge of fabric, then turn them up again, but a bit more, and blind hem by hand. You will most likely have to undo a bit of the side leg seam and open it out a little way. Just tacking would mean he catches his foot and pulls the lot undone. I don't think catching up each side would work tbh. Or you could try something like here if you could find somewhere local.

Miaou Thu 28-Apr-05 19:29:54

mckenzie if you just stitch by the seams then every time he puts them on he will get his feet caught in the turnup. I speak from personal experience, having done this with my own maternity jeans - very annoying!

Get him to put the trousers on, with his shoes on. If he won't keep still, get him to do it in front of his favourite TV prog! pin the hem of the trousers where they touch the heel at the back - they should be about halfway down the shoe. You only need to do one leg. Take the trousers off and level the leg round using the pin as a guide - pin all the way round. Then fold the trousers, one leg against the other, and using the pinned leg as a guide, pin the second leg. Try the trousers on ds once more just to check they are about right. Then take them off and iron them so that you have a crease where the bottom of the trousers are. Using a dark thread, tack round the bottom of the trousers, making sure the stitches don't show from the outside.

Don't worry if they are not perfectly even - he'll never stand still enough for anyone to notice

Hope this helps!

mckenzie Thu 28-Apr-05 19:41:04

thanks all and thanks Miaou, you judged my lack of experience in these matters perfectly as full instructions is exactly what i need.
Off to try and locate some cotton and a needle now. (I must confess to still getting my mum to sew buttons back on for me!! Shameful huh?)

Miaou Thu 28-Apr-05 19:51:48


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