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super 8 to video/dvd

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oscarsmum Thu 28-Apr-05 11:43:30

Has anyone had any Super 8 cine films transferred to video or dvd? We don't have a projector anymore and I'd love to see the films of my childhood holidays again, and make it easy for my parents to do so too


JanH Thu 28-Apr-05 11:48:37

Haven't done it but lots of websites here !

I have a few too, also loads of VHS tapes which I would prefer to have on DVD now. Must look into it!

oscarsmum Thu 28-Apr-05 12:20:28

Thanks! Had a rather stressful experience with Video2CD so won't be using them (or recommending them)

oscarsmum Thu 28-Apr-05 12:20:56

Thanks! Had a rather stressful experience with Video2CD so won't be using them (or recommending them)

oscarsmum Thu 28-Apr-05 12:21:10

Thanks! Had a rather stressful experience with Video2CD so won't be using them (or recommending them)

JanH Thu 28-Apr-05 14:16:37

Oh really? That's the sort of thing I need to know - what did they do?

There was a woman in the paper recently who had sent off all her precious family snaps, several generations worth, by registered post, to have them put on a DVD (I think) and the PO managed to lose them. She got the usual compensation - ie not very much. I think I would want to carry my films to the place and supervise the copying process!

oscarsmum Thu 28-Apr-05 14:28:10

Will try to only post once this time!

I took the films up there myself, so I knew they'd arrived, but when I tried to find out how the transferring was going, I didn't get any replies to my e-mails or 'phone messages. In the end I just turned up unannounced to collect them and they were all completely untouched so I just took them home again.

The guy wasn't a crook or anything, he seemed to have all the kit and hadn't taken any money or card details or anything, maybe he was just daunted by the task (there's about 30 films) and then was too rubbish to admit it. I was very relieved to get all my films back though - I nearly cried with relief on the way home in the car!

JanH Thu 28-Apr-05 14:43:38

Blimey! You really did take them! Glad you got them back OK anyway

(We have 16 years of VHS tapes in a supermarket bag and recently I couldn't find them and had a very nasty few weeks thinking DH had taken them to the Oxfam shop in an attack of vagueness - I nearly cried too when they turned up!)

Roobie Thu 28-Apr-05 14:48:55

My parents have loads of super8 cine footage but as their projector has been bust for ages now there is no way of sorting the films into any kind of order. How would a cine to DVD transfer firm know what order to arrange the footage?

JanH Thu 28-Apr-05 14:50:55

Presumably you would have to be there when they ran them - then you could put rough dates on them, and then sort them out. You're right, you couldn't leave them to do it!

oscarsmum Sun 01-May-05 20:04:15

No, I don't know the order of some of my family films either, as only some are labelled. However, you should be able to get them transferred to, say, a JPEG and then you could have them e-mailed to you, specify the order, and then have them put onto DVD. I just need to find someone to do it that I can trust!

AdventuresWithVoles Sat 09-Jun-12 16:41:08

Reviving this because I've just found a dozen Super 8 films of family, prices have gone down at least, since I put them in storage 9 yrs ago.

I've found 5 companies that do the service online, with prices ranging from £5 to £28 for a single 4 minute/50 foot Super 8 reel (I want it on DVD).

Has anyone used a conversion service they'd use again? TIA.

yousername123 Tue 03-Nov-15 12:55:48

Recently used Digiscan from amazonlocal e-mail offer. sent off 5 precious family videos and last week only received 4 tapes back with note saying only 4 tapes received. Digiscan acknowledged receipt of tapes six weeks ago. They obviously get away with missing tapes if they say that only 4 tapes were received on the reurning parcel slip, otherwise why would they do this? 5 tapes definitely sent. I cannot yet find out the law on this. can anyone help?

HappenstanceMarmite Tue 03-Nov-15 13:01:16

Blimey. I want this service too but this thread is putting me off! Any success stories please?!

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