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Child seats for bikes - infront or behind

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emmajlh Sat 25-Apr-09 10:09:40

I bought a new bike a few weeks ago which i'd like to enjoy with my 2 year old daughter this summer. I can't decide though between getting a seat that goes behind (on the rack) or one of those ones that goes in front between my legs.

What are everyone's views?

SOLOisMeredithGrey Sat 25-Apr-09 12:28:06

Watching this with interest as I too would like to do this.

Smithagain Sat 25-Apr-09 12:30:50

I've got one on the back, which works very well. Haven't any experience of front mounted, although I've always thought that it would get awkward as they get taller.

Might be worth posting this in Ethical Living - there's quite a few cyclists over there.

Doctorskidaddle Sat 25-Apr-09 12:33:19

we've got both - 3.5 yr old on back and 16month old on front. I would probably recommend back as your DD is quite old - think front ones generally take up to 3 year olds and then you usually need to transfer to the back anyway.

hf128219 Sat 25-Apr-09 12:35:26

I've been taken my 15 month old since she was 1 on one of these. She loves it! Doesn't like her helmet so much.

Northernlurker Sat 25-Apr-09 12:39:37

I've got my two year old on the back of my bike and it's very good. I think it may be easier to balance with the weight at the back tbh, certainly when you stop at junctions etc.

SOLOisMeredithGrey Sat 25-Apr-09 13:05:51

Anyone ever tried a toddler in a sling on your back riding a bike(you not the toddler riding it)thought I might try it hmm.

Northernlurker Sat 25-Apr-09 13:12:08

Solo - that's not safe! If you fall off your child will be crushed by your weight. A seat holds them in, giving them some protection away from the ground and a trailer ditto - a trailer means if you fall off in fact they don't. Either is equally safe imo - but a sling is madness - please DON'T DO IT!

SOLOisMeredithGrey Sat 25-Apr-09 13:29:53

It was only a thought Northern and I had thought that about falling off etc. I doubt that I'd do it, but just wondered if anyone had tried it

ScummyMummy Sat 25-Apr-09 13:43:19

Some of the in-front ones mean that the kid can kick the front wheel and, worse, incur a spoke related injury, according to a keen cyclist mate with young children. I saw an interesting one the other day where the child sat with legs stretched out in front over the handle bars though so maybe it depends on the design. I don't like the way that some of the behind ones seem to leave the child very little room to look around. I often see kids appearing almost semi crushed behind parental back and bulky rucksack...

ScummyMummy Sat 25-Apr-09 13:49:21

Useful safety info.

emmajlh Sat 25-Apr-09 15:42:12

thanks everyone. I'm going to get a rear one.

puddock Sat 25-Apr-09 15:57:58

I've been thinking about this too. I do like the look of the WeeRide type that sit on the crossbar, but think they'd have a shorter usable time span than a bigger one on the back. Was umming and ahing though - and then I saw a Hamax Kiss seat (for riding behind the saddle) from a NCT Nearly New sale this morning - decision made blush.

EZeeDee Wed 20-May-09 01:07:57

ah i've just spent way too long past my bedtime looking into this exact question so am going to piggyback on this. i need a new bike and want to get a seat for my DD, just for occasional cycling locally. DD is a tall 2.5 and i'm 5'4". i really like the look of the weeride kangaroo, but fear it is too late to invest in one of these (as reinforced by Doctorskidaddle), even though it says they're good for 1-5yo. and i can't work out if they can be used on ladies' bikes (haven't yet decided what bike to get).

does anyone think weeride could be actually used until DD's 4 given my height? should i just get a rear seat? is it difficult to cycle with rear seats?? any advice much appreciated!

carolynd Tue 28-Jul-09 22:06:13

We have a front-mounted weeride kangaroo and it's not been great. Husband tends to use it and he's 5' 4". DS only 18 months but already both very uncomfortabe using it. Husbands knees are way out to the side which puts strain on them, struggles to reach the handlebars comfortably without squashing DS,not great if at all windy as DS gets it straight in the face and DS therefore doesn't really enjoy the whole experience

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