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Baaaad neighbours, what should i do first? Advice please!

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mamadadawahwah Wed 27-Apr-05 16:39:01

We are a very quiet family and dont disturb anyone. I put up some plants and roses couple weeks back and found them lying on the ground trampled on and ripped up by the neighbours. Our gardens are connected by a boundary line. Anyway, the plants which were quite expensive were ripped up for no reason. Further, they were totally on my property!

This family are loud but not that well liked.
What should i do?

mamadadawahwah Wed 27-Apr-05 16:40:23

I should add i put up the plants to create some privacy through a "hole" between our yards. We both own our own land outright there is no access rights between us. I wanted my son to be able to play without their kids coming over through the hole.

Blu Wed 27-Apr-05 16:44:22

Knock on the door and ask what happened to the plants you put in?

If they say 'oh it was the dog/cat/DS/MIL/' say oh well, would you like to replace them or would it be easier for you to just give me the money so that I can do it? And if this is going to keep happening, would you like to put up a proper fence?

It's a horrible thing to have happened.

mamadadawahwah Wed 27-Apr-05 16:51:29

Yeah, thing is i heard them do it at 12.30am under cover of darkness. I heard rusting and didnt realise (was actually typing away on mumsnet at the time). they then slinked back to their house. You just never know what kind of people you are dealing with these days though, and i dont want my face "rearranged" if i go over. Have to do something though. Hubby is going to kill them, so its up to me.

kid Wed 27-Apr-05 16:57:57

Could you put a fence up? If you talk the them, just mention you are going to do it. If they object for whatever reason, they will have a chance to say so.

BadgerBadger Wed 27-Apr-05 17:00:47

Have you reported it? Trespass and criminal damage - this site might help.

bijou Wed 27-Apr-05 17:01:38

You could always ask them nicely if they want to go halves on putting up a small fence, and if they don't agree, then tell them you're willing to pay for it yourselves.

mamadadawahwah Wed 27-Apr-05 17:24:21

Badger, thanks so much for that site. !!

Blu Wed 27-Apr-05 17:27:03

mamadada...that's awful! How underhand and destructive. If he can achieve it without actual violence, I don't see why they shouldn't get a furious come back from your DH, tbh.

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