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Who do i ring to get power on train track turned off?

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rickman Wed 27-Apr-05 11:34:55

Message withdrawn

almostanangel Wed 27-Apr-05 11:37:08!! phone the...........oh gosh i dont know but ...god [[hugs]] for sil

swiperfox Wed 27-Apr-05 11:37:13

what an awful thing to happen.

Have you tried ringing your local police station?

WigWamBam Wed 27-Apr-05 11:37:42

Try Network Rail (ex-Railtrack) on 08457 11 41 41, if they can't help then perhaps they can tell you who could. Otherwise ring your local train company and ask for help.

Gobbledigook Wed 27-Apr-05 11:37:50

That's what I would do, or perhaps the local RSPCA to ask what they advise?

nikcola Wed 27-Apr-05 11:38:15


Fio2 Wed 27-Apr-05 11:41:35

some numbers for train stuff, have no idea who to ring though

sweetmonkey Wed 27-Apr-05 11:42:35

not sure who yu could call but so sorry!!!! it must be awful for you all

misdee Wed 27-Apr-05 11:43:24

oh poor dog. you SIL must be distraught. surely an animal on a the tracks is a hazard. hope they manage to move the poor dog soon and your SIL can bury him or whatever she needs to do.

Fio2 Wed 27-Apr-05 11:44:44

i was thinking it is most probably dangerous aswell, apart from the distress to your SIL

swiperfox Wed 27-Apr-05 11:46:50

police would have the power to go to the station or wherever and order the power off so the dog can be removed.

Surely they have to remove it from the line.

Fio2 Wed 27-Apr-05 11:48:36

link{\how about meridian news} there is a have you got a scoop number to ring

rickman Wed 27-Apr-05 11:49:12

Message withdrawn

Fio2 Wed 27-Apr-05 11:49:12


cod Wed 27-Apr-05 11:49:44

Message withdrawn

Fio2 Wed 27-Apr-05 11:50:06


rickman Wed 27-Apr-05 11:51:21

Message withdrawn

Fio2 Wed 27-Apr-05 11:51:28

I honestly think it is worth ringing the news people and telling them and see what they make of it as it is disgraceful really

swiperfox Wed 27-Apr-05 11:53:07

surely all the trains going past will see it and report something on the line. I dont understand - if they can delay trains for leaves on the line why cant they do it for someones pet?????

cod Wed 27-Apr-05 11:54:12

Message withdrawn

fastasleep Wed 27-Apr-05 11:57:09

This happened to my friend's big black poodle... lovely boystrous dog, trust me though your SIL does not want to see the poor thing, it's really really horrible, they might not even recognise it in any way . They did stop the trains to get the poodle off for my friend though. I hope she gets something sorted!

Fio2 Wed 27-Apr-05 11:59:51

Honestly I am not at all soppy about animals but if it was my dog that had wandered off when on a walk and kept getting run over by trains, i would want it taking off aswell. Seems wrong

rickman Wed 27-Apr-05 12:02:49

Message withdrawn

swiperfox Wed 27-Apr-05 12:03:54

Glad to hear it but so sad

was she old?

Blu Wed 27-Apr-05 12:04:33

Ummm, I don't think I would ring the news people. I can see that this is truly horrible for your SIL and brother, rickman, but the wider public are not really going to opt for disrution of timetables (turning the power off, getting someone along the track etc is bound to disrupt several services, with knock-on effects) and expense when the poor dog is not a danger. So I can't see a newsdesk editor going for it.

rickman, can you think of any other way to distract your poor sil - take her out to buy some flowers or bulbs to plant as a memorial, or something?

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