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black socks or navy socks? URGENT - please help!!!

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TheVillageIdiot Wed 27-Apr-05 08:57:54

I just can't decide which to wear under my long boots... quick help me please!!!!

Kayleigh Wed 27-Apr-05 08:58:52

colour boots ???

Kayleigh Wed 27-Apr-05 09:01:20

TheVillageIdiot, are you still there ? I hope you haven't made a rash desicion by yourself.

swiperfox Wed 27-Apr-05 09:05:31

I reckon she's passed out from the pressure of making such a big decision

cod Wed 27-Apr-05 09:10:35

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Apr-05 09:51:04

I'd go for fishnet stockings...perhaps with a bit of diamante

Kayleigh Wed 27-Apr-05 09:57:50

am really worried about her. what if she put on navy socks but was wearing black boots, ohmigod, the shame

handlemecarefully Wed 27-Apr-05 09:58:49

I agree - might cause ridicule and she would be social ostracised

TheVillageIdiot Wed 27-Apr-05 14:12:50

Well I've been sat here, deliberating all morning. My connection has been down all morning and so I've been sat in the house with my bare feet.

Now I have your wonderful opinions, I can resume my day! sooooo... what shall I have for breakfast? I'm starving!!!

TheVillageIdiot Wed 27-Apr-05 14:21:42

Errrmmmm hello?!?!? I'm hungry here. Why are all you lot so selfish and horrible to me. You're all part of a bullying clique

Kayleigh Wed 27-Apr-05 14:35:43

You must have a croissant. With butter and strawberry jam.

iota Wed 27-Apr-05 14:36:26

TVI I'll help you if you help me on my Tesco shopping thread

colditz Wed 27-Apr-05 14:38:10

I strongly disagree, she must have organic wholegrain fair trade non sexist filtered water.

It's the only thing with no additives.

Kayleigh Wed 27-Apr-05 14:40:09

Go with the additives. Additives plus calories. MMMmmmmmmmmmm

SofiaAmes Wed 27-Apr-05 15:14:33

Only losers wear navy socks. And all cool people must eat croissants for breakfast. Or Special K with Berries if you are pc and cool.

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