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People with loads of pets = in need of love and affection - discuss

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TheVillageIdiot Tue 26-Apr-05 18:20:05

People who acquire pet after pet, is it because they have some unfulfilled need in them to be loved and/or wanted/needed. Do they gther pets sub-consciously because they don't feel adequately love from else where

That's it really - open to the floor...

snafu Tue 26-Apr-05 18:20:27


moondog Tue 26-Apr-05 18:22:59

I have noticed a lot of very attractive older women are big into animals (think Celia Haddon,Brigitte Bardot for starters, as well as the woman who runs a refuge in my town). maybe because they've been shat upon by men.

Even weirder than loads of pets is a penchant for soft toys. Ver very odd.

JanH Tue 26-Apr-05 18:25:08

Not sure about loads of pets, but I know plenty of childless people (married and single) who dote on their cats.

Titania Tue 26-Apr-05 18:31:13

erm.....aimed at anyone in particular???

cod Tue 26-Apr-05 18:34:54

Message withdrawn

fostermum Tue 26-Apr-05 18:39:03

hang on i have had loads of pets, its not coz i lack anything other then the word NO take the damn thing away and give r.s.p.c.a a call!

TheVillageIdiot Tue 26-Apr-05 18:41:12

Not aimed at anyone why?

Just a discussion frm earlier, interested in opinions.

Titania Tue 26-Apr-05 18:42:36


i think people who have lots of animals just simply have the need to love as much as possible

HRHDuchessofPeahead Tue 26-Apr-05 18:44:08

I have lots of pets for the children (2 rabbits, 2 dogs, pony and chickens. well the chickens are for eggs, they aren't pets). Pre children I didn't have any. So I don't think I am using them as a love-substitute!!

But I agree, lots of stuffed toys in adulthood is plain wierd

misdee Tue 26-Apr-05 18:44:40

i adored my car pre-children. he was my baby, a oain in teh arse and mad as a hatter, but still my lil puddy tat.

but when we had dd1, and it became apparently that cats were causing her skin problems to become worse we had to re-house him.

I tried 2yrs ago to keep a cat, had a lovely little kitten tha tthe children loved, but it affected both girls. Fortunatly we knew that we'd be able to give the kitten to a friend of the people we got the kitten from.

misdee Tue 26-Apr-05 18:46:32


tallulah Tue 26-Apr-05 18:47:33

Well we have a dog, 4 cats, 2 cockateils & 3 love-birds, & get no love and affection from any of them!

cod Tue 26-Apr-05 18:48:00

Message withdrawn

misdee Tue 26-Apr-05 18:49:11

dd1 friends have ponies. i feel so poor

snafu Tue 26-Apr-05 18:49:54

I have some mice. They don't know that they're pets, though.

misdee Tue 26-Apr-05 18:50:25

i have hamsters and tropical fish. dont get much affection from them lol.

cod Tue 26-Apr-05 18:50:26

Message withdrawn

misdee Tue 26-Apr-05 18:51:16

cod, they dont have one pony, they have several.

i realy should mix with the parents more

TheVillageIdiot Tue 26-Apr-05 18:53:07

sorry should've been clearer, i meant an excessi e amount. wOULDN'T COUNT PONIES OR CHICKENS. Sorry for caps , dd climbing on me and heavy

HRHDuchessofPeahead Tue 26-Apr-05 18:54:49

oops, sorry cod, you didn't know abou tthe pony! new thread perhaps?!

misdee Tue 26-Apr-05 18:54:58

i know someone with about 10 rabbits, 4 cats, gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats. she also had quails and chickens at one point.

TheVillageIdiot Tue 26-Apr-05 18:55:15

sorry meant wouldn't count ponies or chickens as pets

Titania Tue 26-Apr-05 18:56:05

i have 8 fish, 2 gerbils, a rabbit, a dog and a cockatiel. love them all to bits. better now DH helps with them more, the responsibility isnt on me so much. but im the one who loves them the most

justonce Tue 26-Apr-05 18:58:59

ponies start a new thread pah!

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